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  1. I have been getting frequent layering issues as well. Zooming in on a card on iPhone durong exploration causes the card to remain in the middle of the screen, or if it does minimize the dice do not appear for a check. Also cards and buttons frequently overlap, I understand this is a widespread issue though.
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone, will try turning off effects.
  3. Longtime Obsidian fan here, playing on iPhone 5s now, battery loss is significant at around 1 percent per minute or more, also heating of the phone. Does not occur with other apps, even UE games. Also the UI has issues, mostly with obscured buttons (ie the temp location close screen has buttons obscured by your cards). Otherwise great game, cheers.
  4. Hey, long time Obsidian fan here. Love the game but it destroys the battery life on my iPhone 5s (losing around 1 percent a minute) and generates a lot of heat, is this a common issue? 3d UE games don't even drain the battery as bad.
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