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Does Perception grant +x to Accuracy /per level/?

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That means I am getting 1% damage output and 1% survivability (from the interrupt) for every point I put into perception. Together with the Reflex, oh boy

Although perception bonus is static, the relative dps gain you get from it isn't.


If your accuracy is equal to enemy defense, than you have 15% chance to miss; 35% to graze and 50% to hit. So 1 point of accuracy will substitute 1% miss with 1% crit.

Against 0 DR target that gonna shift your average damage coefficient from 0.675 to 0.69 (if we take crit as +0.5); and that's a 2% damage increase. While against higher DR targets it might be actually higher, because you are shifting attack resolution to the right.


On the other hand, if your accuracy is by 100 higher than enemy defense, bumping extra acc won't increase your dps at all.

So it's all about finding the sweat spot, which shifts depending on your weapon/might and enemy DR.

But as short rule of thumb: you want your effective accuracy to be at least by 15 higher than targeted enemy defense. (i.e. remove all the misses). After all it doesn't matter how much might you have, if the sword didn't connect.

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