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Bug? Haunts trigger Retaliation Wildcard



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The Haunt has no check to defeat and instructs to set the card aside. The Retaliation wildcard should only trigger on defeat, but the haunt is technically never defeated. Intended?

I reported that bug way back when, so I wouldn't hold my breath on them fixing it (the devs have bigger fish to fry, certainly), but you're correct - the Haunts are NEVER defeated, automatically or otherwise, and they have nothing to do with the way you beat Habe (who has a defeated condition) or BOG (which has a power that explicitly states it's automatically acquired).


Also, as another manifestation of the same bug, if memory doesn't fail me, if you get a Haunt at the Desecrated Vault, it will trigger its power and may get shuffled back in the location (but don't take my word for it). Also, I suspect the Haunts trigger all "If you defeat monster/ Undead" conditions, but haven't tested for it.

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