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  1. Longshot11's post in 6-1 Wisdom roll doing damage to me was marked as the answer   
    Not a bug.
    Silas is a "Monster", therefore he deals Combat damage to you equal to the difference between your roll and his check to defeat (at least, that's what I take you mean; if indeed he dealt damage equal to your ROLL - yeah, that's a bug). THEN, because *one character did not defeat Silas* (in your case - the only character), you're dealt *another* 1d4-1 Poison damagae, *in addition* to the Combat damage from the failed check.
    Bottomlline: what might be tripping you up is, even though Silas' check to defeat is "Wisdom", not "Combat" - failing that check still deals Combat damage to your character, regardless of any other powers the monster has. 
  2. Longshot11's post in Bug: Burying Rooster on the first turn leaves blessing deck blank. was marked as the answer   
    This is working properly. Imagine it in a tabletop game: the first phase of the turn is Advance the Blessings Deck - when you play Rooster, you return the only discarded blessing back in the deck, so the Blessings Discard Pile remains empty, and it stays so until the next character's turn (and the next Advance the Blessings Deck phase).
    Now, this would normally be of no consequence, but imagine the following scenario - first turn of game, you flip open a Blessing of the Gods, and then explore into a Werewolf (+3 when the top Blessing discard is BotG)! I'm not sure if the app has this implemented (is an extremely corner-case scenario), but in the tabletop - you would be allowed to now play Rooster during the encounter (leaving the Blessings discard pile empty, and therefore removing Werewolf's bonus), as it will directly affect the difficulty of your check to defeat.
  3. Longshot11's post in Act 6 mission 3 bugs was marked as the answer   
    This is the Death Zone location power. Sounds like it's working as intended.
  4. Longshot11's post in Nightbelly Boa remained on top of deck after shuffle was marked as the answer   
    I just did a quick Google on the Boa - guess what, it *does* say "return it to the top of the deck *face up*". In which case - it's working as intended; it's probably not mentioned in the app, but in the card game the face-up card DO NOT get affected by deck shuffles.
  5. Longshot11's post in Seoni auto recharge power not working was marked as the answer   
    Ironically enough, for whatever reason, the devs (the board game ones) decided that the Necklace doesn't need the Arcane trait, so everything's as expected there.
  6. Longshot11's post in Scarnetti Manor power triggers on every character was marked as the answer   
    Are you possibly mistaking the scenario power with the Scarnetti power?
  7. Longshot11's post in Frothing Rage power is not working was marked as the answer   
    Usually, Aarik passes by about once a week and posts in aknoledged issues.
    However, if I'm getting you correctly - you're misunderstanding Frothing Rage:
    Normally, you take a card from your hand and bury it, to go berserk.
    The upgrade, according to you, seems to be that you take a card from your hand and you put it back in your deck (which is NOT a Bury action).
    In fact, the upgrade lets you chose if you're going to bury from your Hand OR you deck (which is probably why your deck is lighting up - not because you can "bury" into it, but because you can bury *from* it)
    Hope that helps.
  8. Longshot11's post in Pidget on Steroids was marked as the answer   
    You didn't mention the Blessing, but are we ruling out the obvious Lycanthrope power? (+3 to defeat if top discard is BotG)
  9. Longshot11's post in The greatest Barrier of All, Flaming Mace +1! was marked as the answer   
    This is easily answered when you read your cards. Crowbar adds 1 or 2 (with discard) dice to your non-combat Strength checks.
  10. Longshot11's post in Fighting with Satyr is not considered as Combat was marked as the answer   
    That's because it's NOT combat. Look at the card - see below the check value number, where it says Combat for most monsters? Well. you won't find Combat on the Satyr, it's ONLY non-combat Dexterity / Acrobatics check (so, if you want 2 dice - you need to play Blessing of Calistria).
    Btw, the same applies for the Siren which only has a Wisdom check.
  11. Longshot11's post in Weapon penalizes you for having proficiency? was marked as the answer   
    No one has ever accused Goblins and their implements of being intuitive.
    (yes, it's supposed to work like that)
  12. Longshot11's post in Bug: Paralyze works intermittently. was marked as the answer   
    Paralyze is a Mental spell. Undead are immune to Mental.
  13. Longshot11's post in Extra Dice ? was marked as the answer   
    Because you're playing Kyre who's holy mission is to kick undead ass. She adds 1d8 with the Magic trait on ALL her rolls against Undead monsters.
    NB: This power seems to currently be bugged, so it may not add the Magic trait against Specters and Ghosts.
  14. Longshot11's post in Story Mode not awarding Gold was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately, Normal and Heroic difficulties of every scenario only award Gold the first time they're completed. Only Legendary difficulty will grant you Gold each time you complete a scenario.
  15. Longshot11's post in Must discard one card additional to force damage with Vicious Trident +1 was marked as the answer   
    Unless your in-game Trident is somehow different from the one in the Gallery - it says "For your combat check, reveal this card and DISCARD ANOTHER CARD".
  16. Longshot11's post in Mail of Escape bug? was marked as the answer   
    Well, with most enemies, it doesn't really matter if you get na initial "Evade?" prompt, you decide to battle, but then reconsider - in these cases, it's perfectly OK if you're still able to evade (for example, Merisiel doesn't get a prompt at all - she get's both her Evade and BAckstab powers lit up and active, and up until the time she actually rolls any dice, she can select one or the other)
    What WOULD be a bug, is if for example you encounter Wildwood Boar, you decline to evade, but then you fail his pre-combat Wisdom check and reconsider about fighting it. At this point, you're already in an encounter (initiated by your Wisdom roll), so the Mail of Escape shouldn't be working.
  17. Longshot11's post in Beat Here Comes the Flood, Can't Continue was marked as the answer   
    I believe Faranim nailed it. I'd recommend if someone is still stuck on HCtF - try to manipulate the game, so it is your character who encounters the last location deck card in the game, as opposed to letting Black Magga eat it.
  18. Longshot11's post in Possible bug: Evoker preview missing 9 hand size was marked as the answer   
    To clarify: this bug is only present in the Store preview of the character. If you vies Ezren's Evoker role n the character select screen - he correctly has the Hand Size 9 upgrade.
  19. Longshot11's post in Can't start hook mountain? was marked as the answer   
  20. Longshot11's post in Local heroes - Valeros - quest completion bug was marked as the answer   
    Valeros is not the problem, Local Heroes is. Known issue.
  21. Longshot11's post in Loot rewards was marked as the answer   
    It is not lost, but you need to tap the 'ALL' filter to see it.
    The devs are aware of the issue.
  22. Longshot11's post in Full Equipment screen? Am I missing something? was marked as the answer   
    This seems a popular misunderstanding (Obsidian, better pay attention), but it is not *Your loot*. Everything that you don't put in you character decks after an adventure is lost. Lost in the sense it returns to the virtual *box* of the game - and you can still encounter it in later adventures, but it isn't store in any sort of 'cache' as you might be thinking.
  23. Longshot11's post in Barriers left on top will no longer trigger on explore. was marked as the answer   
    It's a visual bug/bad design decision. You have to manually drag and release the Barrier from the top of the Location Deck to the upper right side of you screen. Once released there, the Barrier will trigger the encounter.
    At any rate, the Devs are aware of the issue and are giving it consideration.
  24. Longshot11's post in Elven Chain Shirt Bug was marked as the answer   
    Wrong. It says "reveal", not display - reveal is instantaneous action and the card immediately goes right back into your hand. I can understand how you've been mislead by the UI though, as 'revealed' card (exactly like 'displayed' cards) visibly leave your hand and stay beneath the encountered card, until your check is over (but for all intents and purposes you should imagine them going back into your 'hand' the moment you press that 'Reveal' button.
    Take another example, if you will: Amiri can Reveal a Weapon for her combat check (the weapon goes beneath the monster, visibly 'out' of her hand) , but then she can activate her Berserker Rage power by burying that same weapon (even though it doesn't appear in its normal 'hand' space on the bottom of the screen.
  25. Longshot11's post in Shield of Fire Resistance doesn't block (all) Fire damage was marked as the answer   
    Any chance you used a 2-Handed weapon for the second combat check?
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