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Vanishing Gold after Scenario



I've noticed that on some occasions gold seems to vanish right after completeing a scenario. For example, I just completed "Them Ogre's Ain't Right" on medium difficulty, and after victory the dialog added 150 gold and showed that I now have a total of 497 gold. But when I go to the shop right after that, there's only 355 gold. And the same thing happened after the scenario right before, too.


What is going on there?


I'm playing on iOS, iPad Pro.

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PRuano, unfortunately no, I've tried relogin but to no avail.


My PFID# is VER-565-20160810, I think.


I now also have a red notification circle with a 1 in it on the app that I can't seem to get rid of. Clicking the exclamation marks in the app doesn't help. i hav an exclamation mark on the story button, but I'm not sure what it stands for.

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