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[3.02] Graphical bug with "jittery" text





I think since v3.02 I am experiencing some text rendering issues. The text is sometimes "jittering" (not sure what the best word is to describe it).


Please see the attached picture for an example. I can't take a screenshot, because that looks fine. The text is really switching every refresh it seems. This only happens for the hover/popup menus and it doesn't happen all the time.


I have an AMD 7950 graphics card. I will try running different drivers, but I didn't see this issue reported yet in the forums, so thought I'd add a topic.


Also since v3.02 the text rendering appears to have changed. The text can be scaled through the options, and before it was rendering all text using the same font. But now it seems that some lines of text have a slightly different font/scaling than other lines. I can take a screenshot of that as well and attach it here. I tried changing the font scaling but that doesn't seem to work.


These two issues might be related. Has something changed on the font rendering side in the latest patch? It's not a severe issue, but just a slight annoyance sometimes :)


Thanks and best regards,



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