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Here Comes the Flood ally miscount



Playing HCtF (normal) with Amiri, Kyra, Seoni. Total number of locations is 5. The total number of extra allies added should also be 5 (1 per).


Number of allies per location normally:

0 - Woods

1 - Academy

3 - Village House

2 - Turtleback Ferry

2 - Waterfront


8 total.


8 for locations + 5 for scenario = 13.


However, in this setup, for the status is says "Acquired : 0 out of 15", rather than 13. 


I've beat the game this scenario having acquired 7 allies, which would win vs. 13, and lose vs. 15. I did get the reported bug of the game seeming to win, but not getting the allies as rewards and not counting the credit of winning the scenario. I wonder if it's the miscount that may be related to the issue rather than the widely suspected assumption of whether it's players or Black Nagga that gets the last card.


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I don't recall exactly, but I think I've had the win-but-not-advance issue when I've acquired at least half the listed value, and not encountered the last card.


And I think I've advanced after encountering the last card and acquiring one less than half the listed value.

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