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Update 1.0.3 is now live on Android and iOS!

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Hey everyone!


The moment is finally here! Patch update 1.0.3 is now live on Android and iOS! So update your games and enjoy playing The Hook Mountain Massacre over the weekend! 


P.S. - We are closed during the weekend and Monday for the holiday weekend, so we won't be able to get to assist any of your amazing people until Tuesday. 


Thank you guys for being so patient with us! We truly appreciate it.

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My Daily Gold still doesn't work.


On my Android tablet I've found that I have to close the Pathfinder app, and then refresh my Google Play account and then open the Pathfinder app to get the "Store" to show that I have gold to acquire (I purchased the 30 day option).

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I'm having trouble getting my last day of gold.  The counter has said for the last couple of days that I have to wait X hours.  If I go to the buy gold screen it says I have bought the daily gold and I have 1 day left.  I have some credit on Google, so I was going to buy another round of daily gold.  I don't want to do that until I have run out this 30-day set to avoid any running totals issues (1 day left + new 30 days might not end up ith 31 days left).  I've not only tried closing and reopening the app but restarting my tablet as well.

Add info you find/want to the Pathfinder Adventures wiki

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i just had another weird bug involving goblins (i swear it's always them) i was playing the scenario were goblins get randomly stronger and found a goblin warchanter, the goblin warchanter rolled an 8 and needed a check of 19 in order to be defeated so obviously i used a weapon and rolled for wisdom


and right after i rolled for wisdom the game forgot about the scenario power and quickly brought down the goblin warchanter down to 11 again

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