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  1. Well, in general this is a niche game, so don't expect it to make the Apple store top chart. Most reviews I've read online have been positive, that is how I found it. I agree it will need more polishing and content (better quest mode, more adventures etc). For now, I am very happy with it and I hope they have a solid bottom line It might become more popular after it is available for PC
  2. Interesting, personally I like that I was able to buy the whole game for $25. The treasure chests are just a way to get even more card variety over time (as I get gold by playing the game), so for me they are just an extra bonus I get for free... I don't feel they are part of the base game, that it is already completely available after the first payment.
  3. Yeah, there was no way my party of 6 could win this. I just sent Merisiel all alone and she got the job done tho
  4. At what level is it possible to assign a Prestige Class to the heroes in Quest Mode?
  5. Yes, the Vault seems inconsistent in Quest mode, hopefully eventually it will be easier to see exactly what it is in it.
  6. And martial artist on Orb Anyway, yes based on the replies so far it seems it is possible to unlock future cards. And it also seems that getting dupes will make them to show more often while questing. Thanks everyone for the info!
  7. Thank you for the patch notes! I really love the game and I am so happy to see all the good communication that happens on this forum. This is a great game made by a great team!
  8. Hello! Can anyone please clarify something about treasure chests: 1) Can I find there stuff that belong to future decks (3-6)? If so, basically I won't be able to find those stuff until then, correct? 2) Can they have duplicate items? If so, how they affect the Vault? Basically, I am just trying to understand if investing gold in treasure chests "too early" might be a bad idea Thanks!
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