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Treasure chests not working



After finishing a map, I went to buy 1 chest. The chest purchase seemed to go through fine, but when I clicked it, it didn't open and just sat there glowing and oscillating.


That was ok, one chest broken... But then it happened again. I got frustrated and purchased gold with cash to open up some chests ($5). Two or three of those didn't open. Frustrating.


Just now, I earned 500 gold, bought another chest, and again it looks like it's about to open but gets stuck oscillating and glowing with no cards revealed.


I'd like a gold comp to make up for 4 unopened chests, especially because I spent cash this time.




I can't blame the failed transactions on connection issues as I was able to complete purchases and maps resulting in the correct gold being acquired.

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Hi, this happens to me occasionally too.

What I think I found is that it still unlocks the cards and puts them in the vault, You just don't get to see the animations and a chance to see what cards you got. You need to go into the vault and have a look to see what's new.

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I've had it happen 2x and actually lost cards


IPad air

iOS 9.3.2


First was on previous build and previous iOS

I chalked it up to the server issues as they had to fix my vault access


2nd was yesterday

The chest just sat there with the lock rumble animation activated, so i backed out of the store re entered and tried again, it just kept doing the lock animation but the UI was unresponsive as I couldnt back out of store anymore


So i quit and restarted, when i continued opening chests, there was a brief flash of the 4 cards dissappearing from the previous chest (no cards actually shown) before the current chests cards appeared.


I think i am down about 6 cards

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If only it's the case where the animation stop and the cards get deposited into your vault 8). Someone made that proposal for optional removal of animation, but that's probably not high on obsidian priority list I guess. I haven't come across the animation hanging and cards being lost myself though.

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