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Building ME the Paladin! With my RL Attributes!

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So I was thought of building a Paladin with my real life attributes (estimated)  what does this attribute spread do well?  We are assuming that a person who is average at something is a 10 in that attribute.


Might 16 (I am up to 25 pull ups now.  I am strong but definitely not body builder Olympian strength, which I would put at 18 to 20)


Con 13 (I am not as fast as I used to be when I was in the military but some of it still retains.  my 3.2k is still below 24 minutes)


Dex 9 (my flexibility has always been supbar and I hate stretching before work outs)


Per  10 (I am can be very paranoid always looking for the bad guy lol but can be forgetful when I don't triple check my gear.  I think they cancel each other out).


Int. 13 (Smarter then the average bear but not particularly brilliant)


Res 17 (I was in the military high Resolve is part of the job especially as a ground pounder) (+1 Backgound Aedyr)



So how do I play to this attribute spreads strengths?  I was thinking a long the lines of my 1st ever build.  Just a straight up hard to kill front liner.  Kind of boring but it can play well.  Your auras will not be huge but they are good enough for the front line and you are a Paladin so you can tank/buff.  Thoughts?  Can always get coordinating attacks and a marking weapon for marking targets for exploding.

Have gun will travel.

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Can of baked beans can give you a few uses of FoD. Refilling empty cups from the keg definitely meets Liberating Ex requirements. Popping the finger and swerving in road rage at other drivers is most definitely in line with Sworn Enemy.

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Lol I just meant the physical attributes in game. I unfortunately can't self immolate :-/

How about inspiration, liberation and loyalty? :)

And than there are reinforcements and coordinated attacks, i.e. something tangential with the military stuff.


You can build the character similarly to how you would with Pallegina.

Unfortunately her soldier background is unavailable for players. But Mercenary should do.

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Definitely. I definitely have built Paladins on what I've done in the military (Darcozzi FO) and I take the inspiring and loyalty themes. I was just talking attributes and what you guys thought you could do with those. Honestly those attributes are pretty generalistic and you could probably do ANY paladin build with it though it won't be min/maxed.

Have gun will travel.

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That's not too far away from my support Paladin.


Here's what I take -


1 Lay on Hands :brows:

2 ___

3 Zealous Focus
4 Critical Focus

5 Liberating Exhortation
6 Inspiring Liberation (Darcozzi Order)

7 Coordinated Attacks
8 ___
9 Righteous Soul

10 ___
11 Aegis of Loyalty

12 ___

13 Sacred Immolation


Fill in the blanks and the rest as you like, I go tanky/support with mine personally, using Shame or Glory(marking) and Outworn Buckler(+5 defense aura).

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If I did that I'd have a paladin with about -3 resolve... Not sure if it's possible.

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