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Please don't lock out all phones automatically

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If they are going to limit phones on the initial "tablet only" release, they should only block out phones that have smaller screens than the one I have. I wouldn't want to play it on any of a smaller screen than the one I have, but the on the phone I have, it works just fine.

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They most propably take in account the memory, the prosessor and ofcourse what They have tested and what not.

But there Are phones that Are just fine with this program. So there will be somekind of list what phones Are officially supported.

But They can not "sell this program" to device that They Are not very sure that it will work, or They will be sued for false advertising...

But as I said above, if They allow this to phones as beta program, then the user know that something horrible can happen!


Some phones Are much more powerfull that cheapest tablets, so that is not definitely the problem!

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I have a Nexus 6P. I'm trying to play Horus Heresy (also an awesome digital board game I might add) and it's just a little too small. I feel like even though my Nexus 7 2012 is getting super old I'm going to rather play it there. The little bit of extra screen real estate goes a LONG way with these types of games with intricate UIs.

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Just to throw it out there, I have a Galaxy Avant that I personally play the game on.  We don't officially support phones yet, but you can download and play it on Android phones.  


A tablet definitely offers a better experience, though!  The buttons are small, and some UI interactions are a pain, but, yes, it is functional!

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