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  1. Personally I enjoy action-RPGs; specifically (currently) Grim Dawn. It's hard, it's fun, it's a theorist's wet dream.
  2. *cough* I'd like to raise the thing about that one villain where the battle is void on a roll of 1-or-2. There are several of us (there's dozens of us! dozens!) that experience 6+ streaks on that villain. I don't recall encountering him and having less than 4 checks before the encounter was resolved.
  3. I'm not an expert on PACG by a long shot; but with cards such as the Vicious Trident one should also consider that there may be existing (or future!) card interactions that can actually make the drawback a desirable feature. In Magic: The Gathering it is quite common to find a card that is weak in most context - but can be extremely potent when the right card interaction comes along. Something like: "When Hero is dealt damage recharge a random card from your discard pile." or "Whenever Hero is dealt force damage, add 1d8 to all checks until end of turn." So even if no posit
  4. Loved the scenario. Beware! Black Magga is on the loose!
  5. Nice! I've been looking forward to this ^_^ Sajan! What are you doing!? You're a monk! Don't get drunk! Aww heck
  6. I did enjoy the solo-Sajan (monk) experience. Some of the thinks Sajan says dead-pan just crack me up: Nualia: Is this the best Sandpoint could do? Sajan: The best? Perhaps.
  7. With bigger parties you need to very aggressively explore using abilities. It's quite challenging. Luck, and being thrifty with your location choices, go a long way there; as Papa Boris nicely demonstrates in his videos. Edit: Oh!! And temporarily closing locations is a big thing in big parties.
  8. The game is quite hard for a beginner if you have a full group (since you have limited time). Try to do a scenario with a party of 1 character initially, that is considerably easier as the turn-pressure is reduced a lot. However, I also suggest you watch a sample play by Papa Boris in Brigandoom on Youtube which helped me a lot in understanding big-party dynamic in the game.
  9. My suggestion on this: give XP for defeating banes/barriers and keep that even when not finishing the scenario - but if you finish the scenario increase the gained XP by a multiplier. The multiplier would depend on difficulty. For example x1.5 (normal), x1.75 (heroic), x2.0 (legenday). That way existing XP gain can be reduced on banes/barriers which is kept even on defeat or forfeit. But on victory the XP is increased by 50/75/100% Edit: that also means that banes/barriers can grant the *same* XP at normal and legendary levels - the only XP difference is granted on victory. That indire
  10. Okay! Updated the cards (in opening post); now Mikail only gets free exploration if he acquires a weapon or item normally (not automatically). Edit: wrong edit!
  11. Not just "magic", all cards with the magic trait. That is every +1 weapon, every +1 armor, and a lot of items. Especially at higher levels you can expect pretty much all weapons and armors and most items to have the magic trait.
  12. Yea, it isn't really that hard to keep track of. The idea is that any weapon/item that you acquire with that ability will be banished by the end of the turn. Either because it "times out" at the end of the turn, or because when the card would be buried, discarded or recharged you banish it instead (any ability activated by burying/discarding/recharging still happens). Yes, but it would only be 5 *due* to the ability, the other explorations any character would've gotten for free anyway. Here's Ezren, he basically has the same ability but keyed to spells as well as items, weapo
  13. hmmm, that is true - but how prevalent are those locations? Realistically there will be maybe 5 weapons/items at such locations meaning only 5 "free" blessings would be added. I don't consider that a problematic issue, it's similar to sending Ezren to the Academy. Some heroes are well-suited to certain locations. Is it really VERY broken or merely very good, albeit situational?
  14. I think there's precedence for using a glowy purple or/and orange for super ultra rares
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