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3.02 Chanter not Chanting by default



I have Kana setup with 4 different chants but have manually selected Chant A (gets rotating green thing)

However, while this works for the first battle, after battle, none of the 4 chants is selected and consequently in the next battle he won't chant unless I manually tell him to do so again.


I don't think this happened before I gave him more than 1 different chant option.






Also, I notice that while not in combat, I can change the Chant modal, but if I'm not in combat but also in stealth, it is greyed out until I exit stealth, even though chanting won't start until combat anyway



The Plot thickens! At the end of each combat even though Kana wasn't chanting (no sound, no bonuses being displayed anywhere), it will still say "Kana stopped chanting Chant 1"

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Hey PX1player,


I loaded up your save and I had no issues with the chants stopping or restarting. Try verifying your game cache and see if that resolves it.  For part 2, we are already aware of the issue and have a bug in that you cannot select chants while stealthed. For part 3, I did not experience this issue. 



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Strange, but then I also found it strange that after I uploaded the save, I then edited some chants and it worked normally again.


Maybe worth testing a theory:

Edit some chants.

Remove Kana from party and add someone else

Get Kana back into party but don't edit his chants


Maybe that causes it? No idea

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