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[3.01] Kraken, incomprehension



Hello guys,


Its not a bug in particular but a large incomprehension about Kraken.


Its the final boss of WM 2, so serious bizness.


I think maybe, a "1" could be missing : p


DR : 8


Its very bad for a boss. A final boss.


For comparison :


Sky : 21

Adra : 28

Alpine : 32

Turisulfus : 34

Gafonercos : 21


Ok, there are 3 giants who arrives after Kraken, but for me, its not epic. So, there is a desided ease or not really ? (moslty in PoTD)



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I concur. The Kraken fight is way too easy and underwhelming. A level 12 Primordial? Really? Level 12 as in, the level cap for the base game with no expansions?


A legendary beast of this ilk should give a harder time, imo.

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Heh, just faced him yesterday evening.


I agree, the encounter is way too easy (potd, scaled up).

Kraken dies tree times faster than it takes to deal with those Eyeless.


Actually Kyoto encounter feels twice as a boss fight than Kraken himself.

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I killed him this night with a naked lvl 16 chanter solo... okay, i didnt upscale... but i didnt prepare for the fight at all, the strategy "chant dragon chant from beginning to end - run straight at him and hit him until you have 5 stacks, use 7 nights after" almost killed him... if i had the +25% damage talent... (i have talents to spare) he would have most likely died... that's 5 dragons chants so 22 secs into the fight the enemy could be dead - the eyeless dont spawn if the kraken dies too fast... with better preparation (lets say, instead of 5 dragon chants you use 1-2 times fast movement chant) you can make the fight even faster... thats a naked character talking here, there is about no enemy in wm2 i can kill with "stand before him and tank him"... and the strategy works against the final boss?!

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I agree.

I have defeated him with a full party on hard. Everybody used his best attacks on the kraken (ignoring all tentacles) and it died in a few seconds. (no need for CC or buffing). Then 3 eyeless arrived, but my casters stunned them, I had abydons hammer and Pallegina had the redeemer so they died a few seconds later.

The battle against the spore (another tentacle thing in the mines) was much harder.



- The eyeless are there at the start of the battle and each one is in a different position.

- There are also some smaller adds who are not vessels ( I read a book about some kraken people from the deadfire archipelago, or something like that)

- The kraken gets more DR

- the real mad suggestion: A tentacle grabs one of your party members and you must attack it to release him. ( maybe I played too much wow in the past)


off topic: writing this increased my desire to play Day of the Tentacle remastered.

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