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3.01bug?: game crashes and chest+stairs become unusuable





I am in the abby of the fallen moon, in the hall of presence in the abbots quarters.

I sent GM there in scouting mode and she disabled a trap.

The computer made a beep sound and the game did not react anymore.

I opened the task manager and closed the game.


When I started the game again, the chest is not shown as an item I can interact with.

The map also shows that you can go to the top of the abby here.

I cannot interact with the stairs.

I have read that the white squares come from psychic backlash of enemy ciphers.


edit: sorry, I have forgotten to enter the name of the bug, sorry.


Edit2: Somebody told me how I can change the thread title. Thank you :thumbsup:

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Are you on Steam? If so, try verifying your game's cache.


If not, I'm sure QA would love to check your output.log and saved game ;)

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I got the game from gog and I have finished the abby.


I could go into this room from the roof and now I can take the stairs in both directions.

Maybe the stairs work as intended.


I am 100% sure that I got a trap in this room.

I am not sure if the trap was at the chest and if you can open the chest at all.

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Hey Madscientist,


We did have a bug in where you were able to see the stairs but you couldn't use, that was due to a wrong tile flip and the stairway should not open up unless you entered from the top. But it sounds like you have a little more going on since your game froze. If you could upload a save and an output log that would be great. 


Since you are on GOG, you would have to uninstall/reinstall. 



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