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For real-time rendering looks nice :)


P.S. ytplayer plugin seems to be a bit broken. It parses your youtube link into: http://youtube.com/embed/44M7JsKqwow?html5=1&fs=1

And it's being blocked because it's not over https.

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Pretty sure that's not gonna happen.

PoE 3.0 was the last big patch, and if they were going to upgrade the game to Unity 5 they would have done it by now.

So you'll have to wait for PoE2 for that.


In any case, using an engine with better features does not automatically make a game look as awesome as the engine's expensive demo. The game devs would have to put in a lot of work on their end, to use the engine features properly and fruitfully.


And truth be told, PoE doesn't nearly exhaust the possibilities of Unity 4. The 3D lighting on characters looks pretty bad in some areas in PoE, and I don't think the engine is to blame, because it doesn't look like that in other Unity games. Obsidian's devs and 3D artists would probably need to hand-select better lighting and texture parameters for areas and characters, to improve this... Switching to Unity 5, by itself, probably wouldn't make much difference.

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"Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them." -- attributed to George Orwell

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