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Blast and Penetrating Blast are good for generating interrupts. Blast also works incredibly well with the Golden Gaze and the spell Kalakoth's Minor Blights. If you do use the Golden Gaze or Kalakoth's Minor Blights, you may want Penetrating Shot and Dangerous Implement to boost their damage even further.


Arcane Veil is a must have IMO. The Deflection bonus it gives has a lot of utility, from protecting your Wizard from ranged attacks or should melee enemies attempt to overwhelm the Wizard. Hardening Veil makes this even more powerful, but typically I would only grab it if I have a free talent slot or if I making a melee focused Wizard. Keep in mind though, Arcane Veil will do nothing if the Wizard is being attacked by a gun user.


The elemental talents you pick should revolve around the type of spells you use most. I typically use a lot of the ice based spells, so I always grab Secrets of Rime. Typically though, fire and ice are the safe picks. Corrode is probably the one to avoid unless you like using Death Ring, since the talent doesn't work with damage over time afflictions, which is most of the Wizard's corrode based spells.


Interrupting Blows is also a very good talent, since Wizards are the best Interrupters. With Blast and a damage over time hazard like Wall of Flame your Wizard will be generating an incredible amount of interrupts.


If you use summoned weapons you obviously will want talents that power them up. I already mentioned stuff for Kalakoth's Minor Blights. Penetrating Shot is good if you plan on using Caedebald's Blackbow. If you use Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff or Citzal's Spirit Lance you'll probably want Two Handed Style, Savage Attack and Vulnerable Attack. Weapon Focus will also boost their accuracy. It doesn't matter which one you pick since summoned weapons are considered Universal.

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It's not optimal, but I love the hell out of grimoire slam. My first playthrough I made a point of having Aloth beat other mages to death with a book. It's very satisfying. Try it if you're not doing PotD.

I took it too. I just really like the concept of whacking people with a book. :)
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Hardened veil might be priceless to boost your entire party Deflection using mind web.


:dancing: Hey priest, who needs you now ? :dancing:

Pfft, I don't even use Shields for the Faithful.
Don't blame me. I was desperately trying to find an use to Aloth's 13 resolve :- Edited by Elric Galad
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Arcane Veil is great BUT its per rest. Wizards have enough mitigation to invest 2 talents in to per rest mitigation. Especially with spell mastery as per ver 3.0


There are several kind of Wizards, or rather I tried melee, elemental (with elemental talents), sorcerer (with rings of wizardry and bonus spells), some mix and all worked for me. However I play them solo thus I am biased, for example not taking Blast or Veil. 


Weapon and Shield, ever present bonus Deflection and Reflex, hatchet and small shield + spells improving Deflection gives good protection.


Other than that, for team character, depending on whether damage or CC is preferred elemental talents or bonus spells. There is never enough of spells improving aim, casting speed or/and deflection.


Wizard is versatile. 

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