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So I was watching a youtube vid of a WM1 Priest Build and I was wondering if it was still valid for 3.0 / WM2.


Basically he was stating the way to go was



CON: 9      






But after playing this build for a while I'm not so sure. Seems like I would need more perception due to accuracy.

I'm now going to re-roll and was wondering at something like this:


Moon Godlike


MIG: 16

CON: 10

DEX: 12

PER: 14

INT : 18

RES: 8


Not sure, any input or feedback would be appreciated.


Edit: I should specify a) This is my protagonist (if that wasn't obvious) b) This will not be a front line character, more back line support and dmg. I'll probably choose Eothas for RP Reasons.

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Importance of perception depends on how good offensive spells the rest of the party has. If you have 3 offensive casters like druid/wizard/cipher, you can focus pretty much only on buffs and heals while they CC and do damage and then perception isn't very important since it does nothing for either.

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I run this for my Watcher Priest:


Race: Pale Elf

Background: Old Valia - Dissident

MIG 14


DEX 16

PER 16

INT 16

INT 16



She's designed as a melee Priest, but that spread should work fine on a ranged. Moon Godlike is probably a better race choice than Pale Elf.


To be fair though, you don't really need Perception all that high on a ranged Priest. If you plan on primarily supporting the party, you can just leave it at 10. Devotions for the Faithful will usually provide enough accuracy for your offensive spells should you ever need them.

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If you really want to focus on heals and buffs only then I'd say dump PER completely. That's one of the few cases where you can dump a stat and it has no negative effect.

But there are some offensive priest spells that are really good and with 3 PER you will miss or graze a lot with them - especially in the early game.

Also: the priest's special talents that give +10 ACC to two weapons are obviously not boosting your spell ACC. A medium or large shield on the other hand (ha!) however does lower your spell ACC.  

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folks overthink attributes with poe.  is tough to have a broken spread as virtual any mix is gonna have advantages, particular with a class as flexible as the priest.


wanna play a melee combat priest or a ranged combatant?  maybe you prefer pure support?  perhaps a balance 'tween support and combat?  heck, the offensive spell casting repertoire o' a 3.0 priest is considerable, particular if you like to set things ablaze.  we got an all-priest party that is a bit too powerful to be fun.  the thing is, we made a dwarven priest who is very effective as a tank in spite of relative low health and endurance.


our current potd run for 3.0 is using the following priest as our main:


priest of eothas

hearth orlan

aedyr colonist


m 14

c 9

d 10

p 15

i 15

r 15


stick a flail in his hands and he is a beast in combat.  




am not needing to respec to play this character equal dominant in support, melee combat or as a ranged damage-dealer dependent on spells.  such flexibility allows us to change party members w/o suffering a loss in overall combat efficacy.  at the same time, with appropriate gear and resting bonuses, we rare miss any perception, intellect or resolve dialogue options.


HA! Good Fun!

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