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Beta latest build - Bug with paralyze - possibly related to fenwalker



Seen the screenshot that is included.

My character is wearing fenwalker which should reduce any paralyze duration by 3s (don't know if it related to the issue but i suspect it is)

My character has been paralyzed by a dargul a few second before:

-the paralyze a no duration

-my character can still move

-my character can't do anything else except moving: the paralyze doesn't expire and he can attack or cast anymore.

The paralyze expire once i'm out of combat and my character can act normally again if i renter combat


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Yes i can confirm that the bug still exist even though i can see that something was done about it:

If the fenwalker effect (-3s for paralysis) reduce the duration below 0 there is no bug anymore but if the duration is still above 0 then the bug appears (the recovery bar froze permanently and the character can't act anymore)

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