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  1. I didn't see anyone else mention this, my animal companion gets alot of misses with the reason being out of range, even though he is right next to the person, if you look at the combat log it shows a hit or even a crit but ends up being a miss due to being out of range. I attached a screenshot of the combat log, I am hovered over one of the "misses"
  2. So this wasn't just one map it seemed to be happening everywhere, I had to got back to an old save that was a few hours old, I then progress back thru pretty close to the same path but back in Old City and not having the bug pop up anyway, just wanted to give an update, not sure what triggered it the first time.
  3. So not just the Guls, anything I kill myself now is doing it, if I use an item to summon and the summon kills them it's ok. I got thru old city with alot of resting to refresh items but it's still doing it now in the old city ruins as well
  4. The group of gul in the Old City that are clustered around the soul, if I entered combat with them I can never get out, they don't die, I do enough damage to kill them but they just keep attacking and are now untargetable as well, can't leave combat, can't change screens because I'm in combat. I have tried reloading the map a number of times, even tried going back a few saves and redoing content but always end up in the same bug. Sometimes one of them will die and stay dead but never all of them.
  5. Also adding is immune would help, like my poor bleak walker trying to use FOD on fire immune creatures over and over lol
  6. I noticed lone wolf from the ring of solitary wanderer won't trigger if you have a pet out guess the pet is considered an "ally"
  7. I noticed that your pet is considered an ally The lone wolf from Ring of Solitary Wander won't trigger if my pet is out but will if I put it away.
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