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  1. That status effect (the one when the cipher becomes "ascended") is a unique status and doesn't have a check in the conditionals page, but that would be a much easier way to make a mod for that condition.
  2. They are RAW values, not percentages, and on top of that, new ones don't open up as you level up, so if you're around level 10-12 and your max focus is around 140-160, then the highest limit you can set via the behaviors is still just 90, which means that in it's current state you have to 100% micromanage all of your ascended's abilities. My biggest problem with this is how easy it would be to implement, so I can't fathom why it wasn't just in the base game. However, if the rest of the new options (being able to swap weapons, use items, etc) allow me to completely stop micromanaging the REST o
  3. I still just want to know if the behaviors for ascended ciphers got added. :/ (those being conditions for focus being full)
  4. Before I reinstall the game I wanted to ask if this patch added a behavior condition so that your Ascended Cipher would not use certain abilities until "Focus=Full"? That was my biggest issue with the game, honestly. It might seem small, but for some reason it irked me enough to put a hold on playing the game until either a patch or mod fixed that issue.
  5. UPDATE: It does seem like a lot of the options have been fixed in the latest (June 1st) update, but I'm not sure about ascended focus level.
  6. Not a bad point at all. More than anything I had a problem with this, because it literally makes it impossible to have an Ascended Cipher controlled by the AI. He had to be completely micromanaged, and while I don't mind managing my AOEs, item usage and auto attacks, having to manage an entire character because of a single missing and easily added ability really bugs me. I think that there's a lot of ways to improve the system as a whole, but I'd settle for the system actually working for all classes and sub-classes in the base game. It seems more like an oversight than anything else.
  7. Slight edit: The bug regarding allies in melee range of an enemy may not exist, it may just be that allies ALWAYS refers to YOUR allies, and I should have set it up to say enemies in melee range of the target, I'll test that, but the rest of the post should be misunderstanding-free.
  8. The behavior editor is extremely exciting and I'm having a lot of fun tinkering with the various options. As a lover of RPGs but an avid avoider of RTS games, being able to set up autonomy within my party is a godsend and I'm loving it. However it seems like it's lacking some fundamental pieces, and some pieces don't seem to work as intended. --For example, the Ascended Cipher doesn't want to use his cipher powers until he is at max focus, but there is no conditional in the behavior editor "Self: Focus is Full," which means you either don't let the AI handle ANY cipher abilities and just m
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