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Proposal: Toggling fast mode while map is visible

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Hey folks,


does anybody else feel it would be a nice feature to allow players to toggle fast mode by pressing the corresponding hotkey while the map is visible?


Especially when traversing well-known maps such as in Defiance Bay, I often find myself going to the map screen while waiting for my characters to walk across one of the maps I have previously visited.


On larger maps, I think it would be really convenient to be able to enable fast mode by pressing "S", watch your characters speed across the map, and shortly before they arrive, disable fast mode again.


At the moment, you always have to minimize the map in order to change into or out of fast mode.


Besides, I would't think this to be a very difficult feature to implement.


What are your thoughts?

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It's such an obvious usability improvement that I'd guess there's a messy technical reason why it's not happened yet.

I suppose you may be right. But sometimes, the most obvious things are the ones no one notices, right? ;)


Is there any way to bring this to the attention of the devs? Sure, it's not like it's particularily important, but it would be nice to know if what you suspect is true.

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