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As I'm still searching for that perfect watcher I really connect with I keep giving a lot of thought to which conversation options I want to enable. I've seen the number of unique conversations each class/race/background/etc can give you. However they are not all created equal. Some are just flavor text - I remember one Kind Wayfarer option that pretty much said the same thing (with same result) as the benevolent option. Others seem to change the conversation more dramatically like intelligence.


I assume that the stat based ones have the bigger impact but are there any particularly among the class/background/etc that have more impactful options? For instance while I haven't played a priest it seems like the Eothas comments would play a bigger role (even if just RP wise) than a Kind Wayfarer making generic Good Samaritan type comments.


Also please avoid spoilers as I've still only made it as far as level 6. 

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Eothas priests don't get much lines of worth sadly. Skaen and Magran get some nice flavor tough.

The game did surprise me of late yesterday tough. I had 19 perception and high lore and was able to pass a check that saved me from some extra running around Defiance Bay(And I didn't even see such an option was possible in my earlier playtroughs). Seems stats and skills are much more of use. Race/class doesn'g give anything besides some flavor.

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Goldpact Paladins have a nice option to avoid part of a major fight.

Having a cipher in your group, gives you a unique option to save a damsel in distress.

Generally the options with most impact are because of stats tho.

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I agree with the Dr., the Honest reputation just seems to get you through some tricky situations and Resolve has an impact in most conversations.  Lore is also good, especially if you don't actually have a high Intelligence stat in some cases, and is the main skill to go for in regards to opening up convo options, followed by a Survival.  Interestingly enough, Fighters have a bonus to both these skills which makes Explorer a good choice for them (and is going to be one of my next characters actually).


I also agree with PJ about class and race, Orlan Ciphers will get a ton of dialogue, and I believe that if you add the background culture The White That Wends to that mix then you get even more, though I cannot (yet) confirm that.

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I would say Lore and Resolve (in that order) are by far the most important contributors to dialogue.  Intelligence, Perception, and the Honest reputation (in that order) would be next, though none of them are in the same league as Lore and Resolve.  Beyond that, the Benevolent and Diplomatic reputations are at least slightly helpful in certain situations.  Class and race can matter a bit but not nearly enough, and not nearly consistently enough, to affect how you might design your character.

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