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Concept: Frontine Druid who serves as tank, blocking path for enemies, have high enought deflection and concentration to be hit, and keep casting without interupts. Hard difficulty.


Spells like Storms, Blights, Sunbeam, Autum Decay, Moonwell, Worlds Maw would be our trade tools.


Race: Wild Orlan - seems to have most defensive trait, and there is so many stats important that wearing dandy hat is important.

Stats: Might 15 Con 10 Dex 10 Per 12 Int 16 Resolve 15

Skills: Knowlede, Survival, Atletics 3


2. Weapon and Shield Focus

4. SUperior Deflection

6. Hearth of the Storm

8. Cautios Attack

10. Galant Focus

12. Weapon Focus Peasant (Staff, and hatchets, and claws) - hittin things sometimes would be nice

14. Bonus spell 4 - or another defensive


Spiritform: Bear - not only DR but also roar.



Set I - Weapon (hatchet) and small shield

Set II - Staff


Other items:

Dandy Hat is the best hat (also resolve)

He Carries Many Scars



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Looks fun. Terrible sartorial taste though, I mean the Dandy Hat with Carries Many Scars? Yuck!


Don't forget to also have an Int-boosting item to override the Dandy Hat's negative.


I've used Hiravias in that role and it's worked out fine. With the right armour and shield he's quite robust and the cone-shaped spells really come into their own. I didn't give him so many defensive talents though, instead I stacked spiritshift damage (Greater Wildstrike), and relied on a paladin to give Zealous Focus. IMO the bonus spell talents are a waste, you're not going to run out of casts if you spread them out intelligently. 

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Very funny that you post this right now: There are two more builds coming from me - one is a glasscannon wizard and the other one a wild orlan druid tank (all defenses over 100, deflection at 120 roughly) with bear spiritshift who just walks into a group and triggers Returning & Relentless Storm - then the rest of the party finishes off. It works really, really good. He's just a walking CC effect and is very hard to CC and to kill. My items and talents are a little bit different (took all of the +10 defense talents plus Body Control and put on the Blaidh Golan armor against prone because the only problem I had was being CC'd) after a lot of testing and playing so that they work out best together with my playstyle - but the concept itself is exactly the same. :)

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Thans for all the feedback.


Some notes:

1. It is important to have early talents: Weapon on Shield, Cautios Attacks, Supperior Defence. Since that is what defines build and allows to be a good doorkeeper.

2. Weapon Focus is skippable, we can always cast more spells. Extra spells is not primary either.

3. Extra defensive talents giving +10 to defenses. Especially +10 Fortitude. (our lowest save) are much better. At least till level 8 charms are resisted, but it may change higher.

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What was that? :)


I chose the stag form for my druid tank - since I never ever used it... ;)


Cat form would be very nice for a Spiritshift damage dealer - if the duration was longer. When Outlander's Frenzy becomes 1/encounter in 3.0 it would also be a nice talent for spiritshifted druids, esp. cats. They dish out lots of damage and have a high base speed. with +25% and more MIG they will even do more damage.

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