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[CLASS BUILD] The Drake's Ambassador (searing & mesmerizing chanter tank)

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After lvl 9 you chant Dragon Thrashed only. The damage of overlapping phrases stacks. Then you can use any invocation you need. But it's even better to just chant and lob a fireball if you must. An invocation will pause your chanting - casting a fireball not.

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great.im not using any custom chanter.im trying using kana with this build.lol.i think not as efficient as your build but at least i get the idea.but now before level 9 im confuse what chant should i put and arranged.but nevermind,im on hard just using whatever it is still win the fight.


are you still playing PoE Boeroer ? are you going to play tyranny ? 


sorry of topic a bit

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Kana does just fine with this build.


Pre lvl 9 I use Come Sweet Winds or Wengrith + Hearts grew bold mostly and also the fear chant.


I will start to look into Tyranny just today I guess - if my hardware isn't too slow for it. ;)


I'm still playing PoE. Atm I'm doing a solo run with a pike wizard. Killed Helig yesterday...

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I just found a fitting quote... From "the music of the night", a song from phantom of the opera (saw it today... Genius work :) )


"[...]Silently the senses abandon their defenses




Softly, deftly, music shall caress you

Hear it, feel it, secretly possess you

Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind

In this darkness which you know you cannot fight

The darkness of the music of the night."


Whole mind control thing and so on...

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Everybody knows the deal is rotten

Old Black Joe's still pickin' cotton

For your ribbons and bows

And everybody knows

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Some are pretty awesome though. For example Verse's talent that lets her gain +2 Dodge and Parry every time she takes damage (stacking). Combine it with Mirrored Image and she becomes very tanky without loosing her offensive potential.


And the Fatebinder's Power talent that will give him +15 ACC on kill (stacking) is quite awesome, too. You can build the party in a way that the others are mainly tanks/supporters/healers and the Fatebinder does most killing with (AoE) spells/talents. After killing a few squishies he's doing crits only. If you have enough healers who keep you above 35% health to avoid wounds you can't go down because there's no health mechanic like in PoE.

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Boroer – I was wondering – given that the survival bonus from accuracy doesn't work for this build had you considered maybe using the +% damage vs flanked bonus? The ways to increase the damage of Dragon Thrashed are few and far between and if you could get +40% (or was it 20%?) damage bonus at 12 Survival that'd be a pretty impressive boost to it. It's very easy to apply through Phantom Foes so if it worked that'd be amazing.

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In combination with a priest and a tank, it might be interesting to see an invisible, non-tank version of this based around Withdraw and "crit me" (Cape of the Master Mystic, Shod-in-Faith, Sanguine Plate), dumping res instead of dex and focusing on offensive talents instead, a sort of dragon-like poison/firearm opening (Bloody Slaughter and Interrupting Blows for the Dragon Thrashed, quick switching firearms to end easy encounters early / decrease health to activate Bloody Slaughter and using runner's wounding shot to increase damage from Combusting Wounds, Envenomed Strike if you need raw damage, etc.). "Crit me" chanter might benefit the most of any build from using Withdraw...with spell mastery basically the only per-encounter invisibility ability other than Cape of the Master Mystic. And using the invisible chanter to block narrow openings....


With high Dex you can get off a lot of invocations and/or item and scroll castings after coming out of Invisibility / Withdraw, and then return to Withdraw. With an unkillable tank, the priest could even use Withdraw on himself too, so that he emerges from Withdraw just after the chanter does... could even do that two or three times. 


So the chanter becomes an invincible interrupting AoE "glass cannon", so long as he avoids AoE effects while using the Cape's invisibility and doesn't get killed in between castings of Withdraw. And the Consecrated Ground from Shod-in-Faith (with up to 30 might counting resting bonus, items, and Frenzy, and a huge AoE with Ring of Overseeing) is constantly healing all allies in a huge range.


(Or maybe dump most of Con too and use <50% endurance spell / encounter armor instead of Sanguine Plate? Dire Blessing from Ryona's Breastplate, or Wicked Briars from The Colored Coat.  Provided you have enough endurance to avoid being one-shotted. Or light armor, maybe something to reduce the chance or duration of getting stun-locked, and Outlander's Frenzy. And of course if you're doing the "crit me" part you can substitute Swaddling Sheet for the Cape and kill everything faster.)

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"This is the life we chose, the life we lead,

And there is only one guarantee:

everyone of us will face the wheel


Test me... I'm the drake's ambassador, I rule all those who oppose

Test me... I'm the summoner of fire, I burn all those who oppose


Annihilate yourself from all that is real

Push the limit of self indulgence


No one cares... who you are... step aside... I'll break your mind!


Test me... I'm the drake's ambassador, I bear down those who oppose

Test me... I'm the herald of fear, I panic those who oppose


Liberate yourself from all that is real

Push the limit of self indulgence


This is the level you could never reach

Now face me for what you can't be


No one cares... who you are... step aside... I'll take your life!


Test me... I'm the drake's ambassador, I dominate all who oppose

Test me... I'm the harbinger of pain, I crush all those who oppose"


Chant of the Drake's Ambassador





The Drake's Ambassador


Difficulty: PotD v. 2.03


Class: Chanter


Race: Coastal Aumaua® or Fire Godlike


Background: Living Lands - Explorer




MIG: 21

CON: 10

DEX: 3

PER: 16

INT: 18

RES: 10


Skills: Stealth 5, Athl. 4, Lore 8(!), Mech. 1, Surv. 9


Talents (a=auto, r=recommended, !=important)

Weapon & Shield Style(!)

Scion of Flame

Snake's Reflexes or Ancient Memory

Bear's Fortitude or Beloved Spirits

Bull's Will or Veteran's Recovery

Superior Deflection®

Enigma's Charm or Cautious Attack


Abilities (I will not write down all of the names)

Towering Physique (a)



Level 1: DR-, DR+, Crush/Stun

Level 2: Paralyze, Summon Wurm, Terrify(!), Charm(!)

Level 3: Summon Drake(!)

Level 4: - nothing -(not worth it)



Level 1: Endurance-(!), Reflex & Move Speed, Concentration-

Level 2: Frighten®, Defense against Frighten & Terrify

Level 3: Slash/Burn(!), Burning Lash

Level 4: Draining (not used)



Items (*=additional echantments by me; !=important, r=recommended):


Weapon set 1: The Flames of Fair Rhian(!) & Redfield®(Durgan Refined*)

Weapon Set 2: Curoc's Brand (for one additional fireball/rest)


Boots: Shod-in-Faith or Boots of Stability


Head: Munacra Arret(!)


Armor: Fine Plate (*Exceptional, INT+2, Crush-Proofed, Durgan-Refined)


Neck: Voice of the Mountaintop


Belt: Girdle of Maegfolc Might


Rings: Ring of Overseeing or Ring of Protection or Ring of Searing Flames, Ring of Changing Heart(!)


Hands: Bracers of Deflection or Spirit Spiral (for 3 more Whisper of Treason/rest)


Quick slots: Potion of Flame Shield, Fireball Scrolls, Fan of Flames Scrolls, Rolling Flame Scrolls, Wurm Figurine




This build is more of a theme-build than the others I presented so far. I couldn't find any nice item/ability combos that kind of break the game or something like that. That's because it's difficult to find new or "different" builds for chanters that also work for PotD. The chanter has a lot of phrases and invocations - but because of the somewhat suboptimal evolution of the resource system (phrases take longer the higher their level, high level invocations need more phrases) most of them are not very useful because they a) come too late in a fight or b) are too weak ot c) are too situational. Those which are viable are really awesome though - but that leaves not too much room for fancy experiments.


So I decided to concentrate on the phrase that I love most (that's "The Dragon Shlashed, the Dragon Wailed") and to spin a theme and story around this. Some of the story you can read in the introduction of my ranger build "Riptide & THe Pit Fright". I only added some flavour text now. The intro text above is a modified version of a song from Kataklysm, namend "The Ambassador of Pain" (no, I normally don't listen to that kind of music, but one of my friends does and the lyrics were so fitting that I had to use this).

The idea is that this chanter - as an emissary of a drake - uses fire magic for offense, mind control for CC and defensive talents, armor & shield for defense. She's very tanky but - thanks to maxed MIG and INT - still dishes out good amounts of AoE damage with the chant and can do high burst damage with spell binding items and scrolls. The mind control part adds some nice features to this mix. Since she's so tanky, she can afford to take her time for the casts. Casting Whisper of Treason from Munacra Arret takes forever and the dominate spell is also not the fastest. But that's not a big problem. I'll talk about that later.


As I said the whole appearence of this lady evolves around fire, terrifying and mind control.

Chanters have some phrases and invocations that do all theses things. I picked them all (see above).

To be truly a drake's (or even dragon's) ambassador, you also need to hurl some fireballs or other fire magic. That can be done with the special sabre that you only get if you siphon knowledge from Maerwald. This sabre grants 3 uses of fireball per rest. The wand Curoc's Brand has another use/rest. If you have these items, you can use 4 fireballs per rest which is not bad. For tough encounters the ambassador relies on scrolls. In order to make the fire spells really powerful, I maxed might and intelligence. That also helps enormously with the Dragon Shlashed phrase.

For the Mind control part I added Enigma's Charm, the Munacra Arret and the Ring of Changing Heart. This gives you one charm/encounter, 3 confuse/rest and 2 dominate/rest. Now you're like a mini-wizard plus chants & invocations. If you want you can later add Spirit Spiral bracers for another 3/rest confusion, but I didn't need that.

The best part (for me) is the shield: it has the very special enchantment called "Harbinger" that lowers ACC of foes around you by 3 points. That doesn't sound too much, but this stacks with frightened (we have a chant for that) and terrified (invocation). Also: I also had two paladins in the party who wore the Outworn Buckler and the Little Savior. The "Herald" and "Harbinger" enchantments all stack when they stand together (INT influences the range of that). So you will get +13 on all defenses for just standing side by side while burning your foes. Defenses where not a problem in this party...

But besides that, I just think this shield fits the theme perfectly well. That's the main reason I only wore a fine plate (enchanted to exceptional) - it looked cool together with the shield.


The (mini) trick for this build is to apply the Dragon Slashed and THEN charm/confuse/dominate people. That way they still suffer from the DoT damage while they are out of combat for some while or fight for you. If you do it the other way round, they will not be affected by your chant because they will be friendly. That's the reason why it's no problem that all the mind control spells take so long. You don't have to do anything to sing phrases, so you can start to mindcontrol right at the beginning of the encounter. By the time your spell goes off, the phrase will have been triggered and all foes in range will be affected. Speaking of range: With maxed INT, a Ring of Overseeing and The Voice of the Mountaintop you get a really big AoE with your chants. And your AoE of invocations also gets very large. Since ou are a tank, you can easily walk into the midst of the mob and then chant the dragon phrase. Most of the time all enemies will be affected by your DoT.

As second chant I chose the frightening one from lvl 2. The defenses are already high, but another +10 from "frightened" is even better. Your chant is quite long now - so don't expect to use a lot of invocations. But when I did, I always tried to stick to the theme. That's why I chose the drake over the ogres and so on. The level 1 invocation that lowers DR by 5 is pretty good though. If you have 3 phrases on your counter, use that and then cast a fireball. The DPS will rise a lot.


And then comes my beloved Combusting Wounds (CW): If you have a wizard in your party or sombody else who can apply CW, do it: If you combine CW with the lvl-1-damage chant and the Dragon chant, you will do +10 extra burn damage per tick. Some fast cast fireballs on top will end the fight very quickly then.


Ok, I'm off for the holidays. Visiting my parents in law who live on the coutryside. I have no idea if I will be online there or if I have to milk the cows all the time. ;)

Anyways - have fun and happy holidays!

Why is Island Aumana on the picture instead of coastland?

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I'm playing similar build in my Ultimate run right now - without Scion of Flame. I'm using Drawn in Spring + Aila Braccia or Steadfast + Old Garun's Wall, Ryona's Breastplace, both Ring of Deflection and Protection, Gloves of Accuracy. Shimmering Cloak (probably bad choice), Belt of the Royal Deadfire Cannoneer  and Munacra Arret. I did all of the bounties and get to the final area of WM 2 (inside Ionni Brathr). Only Kraken, dragons and Concelhaut & Llengrath left and ofcourse Thaos. I have a really hard time with eyless but I managed so far.


Any advice about switching gear for something more useful? I use original Drake's Ambassador attributes but I should probably respec for dragon fights at least for more Constitution. I tried Alpine Dragon with my second save (wihtout ToI) and nothing works out (maybe I should try to chant beast slaying phrases along with fear or some defensive bonuses, tank adds and try to shoot the dragon with Persistence bow). Any hints for the dragons?


Without any buffs I have (with Drawn in Spring and Aila Braccia):

951 health

250 Endurance


115 Deflection

122 Fortitude

113 Reflex 

101 Will


I still have few Eyless to kill. Is it worth to use St. Ydwen's Redeemer or Abydon's Hammer with this build? Just for the eyless?



Ok, I killed the kraken. Now I will go for Concelhaut, then Sky Dragon, Adra and Alpine.

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Sorry if this was asked before. Does Scion of Flame helps Dragon Thrashed? Also the Beast Slayer talent, does it help Dragon Thrashed?

Scion of Flame doesn't work with DoT so no effect on Dragon Thrashed. Slayer talents doesn't work with DoT too.


MaxQuest explained DoT mechanics here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91903-question-about-dots-and-hots/?p=1893595

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Sorry if this was asked before. Does Scion of Flame helps Dragon Thrashed? Also the Beast Slayer talent, does it help Dragon Thrashed?

Scion of Flame doesn't work with DoT so no effect on Dragon Thrashed. Slayer talents doesn't work with DoT too.


MaxQuest explained DoT mechanics here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91903-question-about-dots-and-hots/?p=1893595



thanks for the heads up!

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Is this build still viable? Specifically for PotD. I read random posts here and there talking about how Dragon Thrashed has been nerfed badly... unless they were just talking about PoE2 (which I don't yet own).


I'm currently on my 3rd playthrough and was seriously considering a Chanter for my next as I've only recently started understanding how they work exactly, and really wanted to try a build like this. But, I probably won't of it's been nerfed.

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Yes, they were talking about PoE2. The power of Dragon Thrashed in PoE remains unchanged. Especially if you use it as your one and only chant phrase (it stacks with itself).


Just note that Dragon Thrashed is an ability that you get no sooner than lvl 9. So be patient with your Chanter. :)


Also don't use a Chanter as your one and only main tank. While it's possible for experienced players especially in the early game he will not withstand all punishment. That's because his endurance/health pool is not very big. After some levels it's all good though. But it's a lot easier if you put two or even three sturdy frontliners so that the numerous enemies (their number is increased on PotD) don't rush by. Single tanks don't work very well on PotD anyway.


Some equipment was chosen because of style rather than effectiveness - esp. armor and shield. You can find better ones, for example "Little Savior" as shield. Please note that a shield has an accuracy malus and that malus also affects you accuracy with Dragon Thrashed (and other offensive phrases) as well as with spells and weapon attacks. So a large shield (-8ACC) makes it a lot more difficult to hit stuff than a medium (-4) or a small one (+-0 ACC).

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