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  1. For a caster, (wizard) is it worth using just a single handed weapon or does the accuracy and single handed weapon style not apply to spells? If not I'm considering using 2h bow since not got a bow user and quite like bows, but not sure if shield be better for extra DR but again I'll lose accuracy? Thanks
  2. In terms of playstyle and overall effectiveness of the builds which works better or would work better with the rest of my party?
  3. Haha cipher was for whisper of treason. And played cipher in PoE1. But decided against it lol since not been to impressed with them so far . Wizard /nalpazca it is. Thanks for advice. Top notch as always
  4. You've certainly convinced me to look into nalpazca, was the subclass I thought I'd never play. Do drugs become a burden on your money? Or are they not to bad popping one every fight or so
  5. Unarmed good back up? Thanks for all advice mate. Appreciate it. I'll go wizard/shattered pillar monk as my watcher I think.
  6. Not sure if enchanter wizard/shattered pillar monk with citzels Lance would work, gives me plenty defensive buffs and aoe melee, so good mix of dps and survivability it seems?
  7. Yes was thinking dumping cipher and maybe going wizard/monk as off tank, citzels spirit lancer is build I've seen which looks good if it's still viable.
  8. I wanted cipher for whisper of treason, but if that's not needed I'm open to any suggestion for an offtank that works well with my party and does good dps Aswell as holds Thier own in melee
  9. I am using paladin/fighter as my tank, but I prefer having an off tank, well a melee that can survive quite well in melee anyway, I want a Cipher for the whisper of treason skill, playing on PoTD. Can't decide what subclass. Initially thought cipher/enchanter (wizard) with dual blunderbusses. But read martial classes work best and can't decide between fighter,paladin and monk Wizard/priest Priest/chanter Druid/monk are rest of party Thanks
  10. Yes, viable & pretty OP.The Dance of death gives you wounds w/o being hit (and bonus accuracy). I always get the enduring dance upgrade too. Thank you, makes alot of sense now. Not played much monk so wasn't sure. So no need to spend points on wound spenders if Thier just for the might increase?
  11. Is this build still viable? And also how does it work with helwalker monk? Do you need to be getting hit for wounds or avoid getting hit and generate wounds another way. Looks awesome BTW looking forward to trying it
  12. How's this work with generating wounds? Do you need to get hit? As playing at range I presume the aim is not to get hit. Not played much monk so unsure. And for safety reasons shattered pillar seems best subclass (just from glancing at subclasses)
  13. I annoyed the dozens people whilst siding with crucible knights (didn't realise you could do start quest for each) so obviously can't get the helm, is the a good alternative to the whisper of treason helm for this build? Thanks
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