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More expansions? Campaign editor?

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Any idea if there are any more expansions planned?

I know WM2 isn't here yet, and there's already talk about PoE2, so I'm concerned that the PoE1 content will dry up :(


Is there anything else planned after the White March is done? Or will be see a campaign editor released where players can create their own campaign content?

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No more expansion I guess, but we're gonna hear probably about PoE 2 sometime after the 2nd part of the expansion in out.

That would be great.


I'm thrilled about a second chapter in this universe, hopefully the parallelism with BG 1-2 will stay true, so we are in for a true masterpiece!


Also, if they decide to kickstart it (or part of it), I'll be able to partecipate this time. :p

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I came across a great article regarding the making of an old cult classic RPG, Dungeon Master: http://www.filfre.net/2015/12/dungeon-master-part-1-the-making-of/


This is a game that takes up a mere 400k on a one-sided disk, and take a look at the amount of source code that was written:





Just something I thought would be of interest considering the posts of late, regarding expansions, a sequel, and of course, some complaints about a weak story, or weak NPC dialogue, or lack of population in places like Defiance Bay, etc. I am willing to bet that the source code for PoE is more than 5 of those binders. Hell, the current state of Defiance Bay's code is probably enough to fill just one of those binders...



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Do we have anymore information on POE2? Like will we be playing the same protagonist or is there going to be a new protagonist? I would prefer to play the same protagonist, but I'm fine either way that they decide to do it.

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I think the only thing we've heard is that Josh said somewhere that he'd like the idea to import your save to PoE2 which would, I guess, likely mean keeping the same character.


I believe that's the most conclusive we've heard. Things could always change.

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