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  1. Others might be able to find one for you, but I can create one! :D Do you have any other details on the character you want in the portrait? Eg scars, Necklaces, clothing /armor, eye color,facial expressions Paladin armor, one purple eye and the other brown, dark chocolate skin tone, and to finish off with his facial expression been cheerful or laughter if possible. Tyvm.
  2. Can someone help me find a young adult black dwarf male or create one? I want to use it for my Poe-Poe2 play through.
  3. I love the stereotype dwarves, but if I'm able to have a dwarf as the main character, I usually don't follow along the lines of the stereotype. My dwarf is a cipher that fights with a crossbow. But I do pick a lot of the clever and passionate options if it fits my character. Most of the clever options fits my dwarf. Also, he has the merchant background, but that is only because you never see the shopkeeper become the hero. But dwarves will always be my favorite fantasy race, and I'll always be grateful that Dragon Age Inquisition gave me my first dwarf that I was able to create with a voice.
  4. I really enjoyed the romance/friendship more in Kotor 2 than Kotor 1. I really don't want playersexual.
  5. Considering I have had to kill off characters because I found myself forced into a romance, that would be grand! :D That's a little extreme. What romance were you forced into?
  6. As always, my Watcher will try to make light out of dark situations. Even though he won't have his partner-in-laughter(Hiravias) with him. Eder was my other partner, but he may be a little grumpy this time, especially if his God is marching around:P
  7. If we aren't getting a main dwarf companion, I guess I'll take my Watcher mountain dwarf into POE first.
  8. Dwarves are my favorite fantasy race, so more dwarves are always a good thing. My main is a Death Dwarf Godlike, even if he doesn't get recognize as a dwarf. I didn't really like Sagani character. She wasn't very interesting. MOAR dwarves!!
  9. Knowing my luck, that's exactly what's going to happen. (Especially since Iselmyr is only into women.) My Watcher has been hopelessly in love with him since practically day one, but it turns out he's only into men, or only elven women, or only women/elven women (bad news for my wild orlan watcher), or what have you. I know the devs have stressed being faithful to the characters even if it disappoints players, and I'm all for that... but it wouldn't stop it from being disappointing. Aww my bad. What if your choice based on how you told him to deal with Iselmyr determines what
  10. My Paladin Death Godlike Watcher. I want him to become a Cipher, so Paladin/Cipher. Eder, since he was my best friend and favorite companion. Plus, he need to deal with Eothas with me. (Fighter/priest of Eothas). Pallegina, I don't want to be the only godlike in the party. Also, she is my other good friend. Myself, Eder, and Pallegina basically carried the whole party. (Paladin/Fighter). Serafen, I just love the little orlans. Hiravias brought so much to the party. Hopefully Serafen offers just as much comic relief. (Cipher/Ranger?) The unidentified companion.
  11. That'd be funny (even though it'd break my rogue's heart) because Iselmyr keeps hitting on ladies in party bander. The general idea of Aloth's romance sounds interesting, what with his Awakenedness. I never really brought Aloth with me, so I didn't know Iselmyr flirted with the ladies. That would be interesting romance, especially if Aloth never abolished Iselmyr.
  12. I think the romance options are going to be the four characters that was in the happy Valentine's post in the update # 13. 3 men and one woman? That's a reverse BG2! Never know. Aloth could be into men only lol. But Xoti could also be a romance option. Plus, we will probably get a brothel.
  13. I think the romance options are going to be the four characters that was in the happy Valentine's post in the update # 13. I wouldn't mind Pallegina. We're both Paladins and Godlikes. Plus, I've always liked her character just as much as Eder. Hiravias was third
  14. I'm all for romance and all of that, but hopefully I can finally get a real bromance with Edér. I felt like we were close friends, but it never really showed in the actual game. Except when Edér checked on the Watcher when he/she was having nightmares. And on romance, no one will want to get close with my Death Watcher
  15. YES!!! Being waiting for this conformation forever. Now I can finally live out my dream as a dwarf pirate (hopefully). Now I have to get my main play through ready for this. I always had a good relationship with Pallegina and Eder, so they'll stay by my Watcher side even in the sequel. Even though my Boreal dwarf is from The White, maybe he will some attention in Deadfire with all of the boreal there. We may even get a reunite with Sagani. #Hypetrain. Oh btw, is it our main character + five companions or is our main character included in that five?
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