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[2.03] Boots of Speed - Force characters into walk animation



Following patch 2.03 the 'Boots of Speed' item forces characters wearing them into the walk animation, (though they are walking fast) reducing their speed significantly compared to pre 2.03 and to that of a character who is not wearing them.


For example during both group movement (and individual character movement), outside combat, the character should speed ahead of the group but now moves at the same speed.


I assume this is a bug of some sort. If it is in fact a nerf that I've missed in a changelog somewhere, then it has rendered the boots of speed redundant!

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Actually I'm quite sure this was done on purpose in patch 2.01 or 2.02 so that people wearing boots of speed would not, in fact, leave the party behind while moving together out of combat. I personally found it jarring and mildly annoying that one of my characters would get to the destination, like, two full minutes earlier than everyone else. Even more annoying was to see the one wearing The White Crest be left behind. Stealth pacing is slow enough as is without an extra -1 slapped upon it XD


In combat everything should be back to normal, with the boots of speed wearer running visibly faster than everyone else.

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