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  1. Would very much like to see a return of the 'Hide News on startup' option for the main menu page. Even better; the option to disable it completely! In addition disable Achievement notifications from GOG or Steam (assuming this isn't already possible). Basically anything that say : *imagine the above in an old 30's British accent*
  2. Still very much waiting for the option to disable the intrusive News pop-out on the menu page, or at the very least bring back the 'hidden on start-up' option. So unnecessary! (please don't talk to me about 'customer engagement'!) I was hiding it on start by editing the Pillars registry in regedit but that seems to now be thwarted for some reason, so stuck with the ugly pop-out thing appearing whenever we start the game. Don't get me wrong I'm otherwise enjoying the new updates coming in!
  3. Experienced a crash when exiting the Engwithan Arena (1st ruins) heading to the world map. Crash log attached + save file.
  4. Thanks, apologies, this was more of a frustration vent. Erk I fully realize GOG is not Obsidian, but the hope would be for developers of the games they sell, such as yourselves, to somehow pressure GOG to get their stuff together. I've posted a number of time to their support team and got zip. Re: Galaxy... simply put, it doesn't work. It's slow as slow to start with, and gets confused between manual and Galaxy installs, especially when it comes to things like Expansions and DLC. So it ends up re-downloading huge chunks of unnecessary files. Believe me I've spent hours trying to get it to do what I want it to do. I gave up eventually. Actually why I still haven't managed to finish Pillars... I would dissuade you from recommending it to folks having trouble, as it's simply not a good solution. Thanks for the response anyway.
  5. Same thing has happened to me (again), 1. GOG manual download. 2. Installed The White March Part I Patch 2.03 (GOG-12) -> 3.00 (GOG-13) 3. Opened the game loaded my recent save. No problem. 4. Installed The White March Part II 3.00 (GOG-13) 5. Starting the game there is no White March Part II icon in the bottom left, only White March Part I, but the version number reads: v2.03.0788 PX1 PX2 I load a save game and get an error: Loading Error There was an error loading the next map. Returned to Main Menu to prevent save game corruption. For reference I am loading in to Craghold Bluffs. GOG really needs to have pressure put on them to get their patch system sorted, or at the very least an 'in your face' guide as to which patches should be installed in which order. This has happened to me in EVERY SINGLE PATCH so far and I'm frankly not happy having to re-install my whole game every time.
  6. Following patch 2.03 the 'Boots of Speed' item forces characters wearing them into the walk animation, (though they are walking fast) reducing their speed significantly compared to pre 2.03 and to that of a character who is not wearing them. For example during both group movement (and individual character movement), outside combat, the character should speed ahead of the group but now moves at the same speed. I assume this is a bug of some sort. If it is in fact a nerf that I've missed in a changelog somewhere, then it has rendered the boots of speed redundant!
  7. Yes confirmed that installing both patches is necessary. Though it's currently a little misleading on GOG as the info for both patches say: 2.0 (GOG-9) --> 2.01 (GOG-10) which lead me to think you only need install one of them. I think GOG should probably be supplying a little more info in their changelog.
  8. So I re-downloaded the 3 parts of the 2.0 download from GOG (I don't use Galaxy). I then applied the White Marches DLC without 2.01 patch. I loaded my save and everything was working as expected; no pink particle effects, mercs attacked me as expected. I then re-downloaded the 2.01 patch again from GOG and applied it. I loaded the save save and it came with the same bugged results stated above. Thus there is definitely something wrong with the GOG 2.01 patch.
  9. I am experiencing this also. Pretty sure it is not as intended. In addition the mercenaries are all hostile but they don't attack. Not sure if that is by design or a by product of the area issue. This is the first bug I have encountered while playing. I'm holding off venturing further until this is acknowledged. GOG version, 2.01 White March version of the patch only. Win 7 64bit.
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