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Strats & Gear suggestions for Normal Difficulty Mage Solo (spoilers)

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Hey all!


Stopped playing a short while after release due to bugs and general incompatibility with my crappy computer. I'm coming back into the fray and loving the game!


I'm currently in act 2 with a level 8 solo wizard. I have a fully upgraded fortress and my gear is as follows:


- Sanguine Plate (Resistances)

- Rotfinger Gloves (2 amazing foe debuffs)

- Belt of Blunting (Resistance)

- Gaun's Share (leeching)

- Some turban looking hat that gives constitution

- Lilith's Shawl (stealth and perception)


Haven't found boots yet.


I've done every task in defiance bay and every quest except cinders. Haven't touched the main quest and haven't left The Bay.


I've been relatively successful in all encounters so far. The hardest thus far has been the forgotten. They essentially just plop you in the middle of a bridge with like 7 decently geared enemies with nowhere to bottleneck. It was a pain but I finally downed them after loading like 15 times.


I'm also having trouble with the cinders drake. I found an awesome spot where him and all of his minions are trapped in a straight line at which point I pelt them with everything I have including summons. Problem is all of his drake and kobold minions will die and by the time he comes around I only have enough spells to get him down to badly injured. He hits like a truck and I would have no defences left at this point.


The spells I'm using are pretty much chill fog, fan of flames, concelhaut's ciphon, bulward vs elements, hardened arcane veil, mirror image, essential phantom, rotfiner debuffs, expose vulnerabilities and my 3 figurines.


If theres an amazing piece of gear I'm missing out on or possibly a good strategy or spell I'm not using, some advice would be great.


Thank you so much!

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LOL! yeah I hear ya. XD Those boots look awesome. Free passive HoT, that's clutch for a solo. Thanks a bunch for the tip.




Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I chose Crucible Knights so I definitely have access to those. A melee spell for when I run out of ranged is a great idea! I'll definitely throw one in. I read Citzel's Lance is pretty kick arse too. I'm gonna try that as well.




Thanks a bunch guys! If you think of anything else please post. After I clear the game I want to make a little "casual player's guide to soloing on normal for the Mage", any strats will be helpful.

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