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What are the best companions for the final area? (For the Story/Lore)

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I am curious which companions to take with me for the final part of the game so I get the most story content?


I know Aloth has a link to the Leaden Key so I know I will take him along but what of the other companions?

Including the new ones.

I know Pallegina also has some link to the Leaden Key and Kana is being hunted by them too.

So are those 2 good choices as well?  Do they give more story or banter or contribution?

I also think the cipher wants to be part of the situation.  Is this true?

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Eder, Aloth and Kana have a lot to say in the final area. 


Other than mercs, you're going to hear from all of your party on their opinion of your quest, and the opposition. 

I found Pallegina useful for these fights, but underwhelming in conversation. 

Hiravias is absolutely brutal on his takedown of a major npc.


Really, your first time through, you should take whatever balanced party you like best. 

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Wish I saw this post sooner,


All the companions have something to add to the end game, well except for GM. She is almost completely disregarded, lol. So bring the rest. Durance's interaction with his precious god is really great. Getting the most out of the story though...? Having a high cruel level (at least 2 I believe) actually adds a really awesome element to the end game you wouldn't get otherwise. 


Good luck

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I think it was done on purpose. You know, with the caul thing and all. People mostly don't notice her and this doesn't suddenly change in Act IV, which I think is good.


I do think, however, that she could contribute a bit more of her own volition. She's very passionate about what she cares for, at least in her conversations with you. I expected some of that inner fire to burn brighter in Act IV.

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Yeah, she goes through most of the game without notice. Though her "inner fire" doesn't show in Act 4, I think she shines in Act 3. She really comes into her own during some of those quests. 

hahaha so the "peasant woman" is not so invisible after all... Hiravias though is insane, pity  he doesn't appreciate my mom jokes...

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