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It goes against 25% of the relative DR. Of course 25% of Immune is still Immune.

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One thing I've wondered is if Rending effects apply to it, at the same 25% rate. For example, using Drake's Bell with 5+3=8 rending, does a lash on it get 2 armor pen? It's mostly a concern with Blunderbuss, as that lives and dies on it's 12 armor pen, and if the lash isn't getting 3 armor pen that, really lower it's damage, as with a chanter lashes are 33% of your damage.

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Rending doesn't effect the lash. So don't the gun inherent penetration, vuln. attack and penetrating shot. Ryona's Vambraces with 3 penetration may work though - since they even work with spells.

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It says +25% burning damage, but how is this damage interacting with the damage reduction? It did not change the weapon's damage type and I noticed only one damage in the combat log, then how does the different element matter..



A 100 damage hit from your normal weapon will count as 100 - enemy dr= actual damage. Then the lash effect is applied with a .25 x 100, so about 25 points of lash if your lash is 25%. That lash damage is elemental and is added on top of the one you see in the combat dialogue, but you have to expand it. I don't think it adds it automatically, it just shows you. It is added together on the combat screen when the numbers float up however. So 125 points of damage if dr is zero, 100 as the actual hit plus 25 as fire.


The the enemy receives a limited dr to negate lash damage, as others mentioned about 25% of their actual Dr vs lash.


Lashes and on hit effects don't work against Immune enemies however.


Lashes are one of the biggest DPS add ons for any weapon, with some exceptions.


To test combat effects, find a tavern with civilians, find a bottleneck, aggro entire tavern, then begin test while ignoring the adds by blocking the bottleneck with your tank. If they are annoying, just kill everyone except one civilian npc. Same can be done at Caed Nua if you have henchmen. Taverns are nice because of the party management and resting and they are more easily accessible than going back to Caed Nua all the time.

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one simple question:

Does Burning Lash from a weapon stacks with Aefyllath Myth Fyr ( the extra lash from chanter) ? Does it mean that an attack has +50% burning damage?


Yes it stacks. So it would add 50% of your main/secondary attack as the lash damage.


Stacking lash effects of the same element can be a way to optimize damage application, as you aren't dealing with multiple .25 x DRs negating each lash. However, against very high DR or element immune enemies, it can still be blocked.


They changed the ai aggro for caed nua henchmen and they won't attack me any more, as in become red. Probably due to people complaining that their aoes made their henchmen red when resolving stronghold fights manually.


Using the blunderbuss, a minor 25% corrosive lash can actually be completely negated out by DR, putting it to below 1, essentially zero in the math. Usually happens on grazes.


The Paladin's Flames of Devotion ability is another +50% lash effect, in the ability. That means using a two handed sword for high damage, plus flames of devotion for 50% lash, plus 25% fire lash on weapon, plus 25% from chanter aoe lash, gives 100% lash of fire.

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