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Constant lags



By moving across any map, I encounter short lags every 10-15 secs. Now I found that quite a lot people are posting the same issue on different forums since the game released. None of the patches since then addressed it.



My Specs are:

win 7  64bit

gtx 460

amd phenom ii x4

8 gig ram

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Hey Fajeth,


I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused you. It could be various reasons why you are lagging. Make sure that your video drivers have the current drivers installed if you haven't done so already. Here are some options you can do to see if it helps out your performance.


  • Disable Anti-Aliasing
    Many users have reported running into framerate issues and frequent crashing. If this is happening on your machine, go to the Graphics options and move the Graphics Qualityslider to the left. This will disable anti-aliasing and should help your game's framerate.
  • Lower Resolution
    If framerate issues persist after disabling anti-aliasing, then lowering resolution can sometimes add significant increases to performance. This can sometimes help significantly, especially on machines with lower system specifications. We are working on more ways to support performance increases as we patch the client.
  • Clean and Clear Your Computer
    Dust and other particles can accumulate on parts of your computer, adversely affecting its efficiency when it attempts to run demanding programs and games. It is also important to make sure there is sufficient access to the ventilation fans for the computer so it can keep itself cool. Make sure to keep your computer or laptop clean and clear to avoid unnecessary strain and overheating.
  • Run as Administrator
    Some users are reporting major performance issues when not running the game as an administrator. If you are noticing issues such as this, please make sure that you are running the game in administrator mode.

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the suggestions didn't help. My drivers are up to date (353.62 for Nvidia gpus) and I do monitor the temps - my system is pretty cool. Also I already tried disabling msaa and lowering resolution. Nothing helps. I have stable 60 fps all of the time, but this stuttering occurs very periodic, like I said, every 20 secs approx.

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No I'm not using any of these. Just usual ethernet. Which I removed before starting up the game once but that didn't help either. Oh and I tried both windowed and fullscreen mode. Ialso lowered the resolution from native 1920x1080 tothe smallest available.

When I try to upload the files it says "Error No file was selected for upload".

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We found out footstep vfx were the cause of many of the slow downs. You can turn down the Graphic Quality Slider to turn them off which will improve the games performance. 


That being said, you say you are running at 60 FPS and it will frequently drop down to what ...? Could you run Fraps to see when and where you are having the slow downs? Not much we can do to fix an issue 'The game runs slow sometimes'.


I got your back


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Well unfortunatly everything i have done had no effect at all:




- EVERY option in the game (Resolution, other Graphic options, FPS already limited to 30, fullscreen or window,  etc.)

- Graphic driver (Nvidia GTX 960) ) are up to date, so is Windows 7 64 bit

- Hardware is sufficient (8GB Ram /  I5 4460 3.2 GHz)

- tried to deactivate network adapter and Steam offline mode....no effect

- checked files per Steam

- higher priority of the game (including Batch file)


Such a thing can really drive one mad :(


Those stutters are short (~0,5 sec) but frequently and on every map, even if there is not one NPC around. Can effect movement of groupmembers or scrolling.

(Dropping from 60 to 40 )


I have no experience wit fraps but i have checked lets play vids, and it is just like in this one @ 4:20 and 2:37 (only more often, some wrote every 20 seconds...and yeah it is not absolute but it is around that time period)




(ok in these it could always be a issue of fraps or another program, but i looks like it)





Edit: It is also the second PC-System on which this problem occurs

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