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  1. Hm well i sat down and tried a lot stuff....nothing helps...seems to be an immanent flaw of the engine...a pity ~~~
  2. Well unfortunatly everything i have done had no effect at all: including: - EVERY option in the game (Resolution, other Graphic options, FPS already limited to 30, fullscreen or window, etc.) - Graphic driver (Nvidia GTX 960) ) are up to date, so is Windows 7 64 bit - Hardware is sufficient (8GB Ram / I5 4460 3.2 GHz) - tried to deactivate network adapter and Steam offline mode....no effect - checked files per Steam - higher priority of the game (including Batch file) Such a thing can really drive one mad Those stutters are short (~0,5 sec) but frequently and on every map, even if there is not one NPC around. Can effect movement of groupmembers or scrolling. (Dropping from 60 to 40 ) I have no experience wit fraps but i have checked lets play vids, and it is just like in this one @ 4:20 and 2:37 (only more often, some wrote every 20 seconds...and yeah it is not absolute but it is around that time period) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyJkIuqTn5o&index=12&list=PLdeWZilAwE9BGYzAYw0ImfKvzju6shdW5 (ok in these it could always be a issue of fraps or another program, but i looks like it) ~~~ Edit: It is also the second PC-System on which this problem occurs
  3. Many months later, over a year after the release...issue persits and has not been fixed.... What a shame this is still ruining a good game -.- ~~~
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