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  1. You are welcome. I try to play the game nevertheless I think. Maybe I get used to it and won't even notice the stutter after a while
  2. Here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jawyj7d02bihzcw/AAARROXmogmxkodd4G-5FRwCa?dl=0
  3. No I'm not using any of these. Just usual ethernet. Which I removed before starting up the game once but that didn't help either. Oh and I tried both windowed and fullscreen mode. Ialso lowered the resolution from native 1920x1080 tothe smallest available. When I try to upload the files it says "Error No file was selected for upload".
  4. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the suggestions didn't help. My drivers are up to date (353.62 for Nvidia gpus) and I do monitor the temps - my system is pretty cool. Also I already tried disabling msaa and lowering resolution. Nothing helps. I have stable 60 fps all of the time, but this stuttering occurs very periodic, like I said, every 20 secs approx.
  5. By moving across any map, I encounter short lags every 10-15 secs. Now I found that quite a lot people are posting the same issue on different forums since the game released. None of the patches since then addressed it. My Specs are: win 7 64bit gtx 460 amd phenom ii x4 8 gig ram
  6. @Tennisgolfboll: Thanks but I'm affraid you got that wrong I mean the time passes very fast, not that it starts at a possibly random number. Btw if someone is interested I just measured the ratio: 1 min realtime = (approx) 24 min game time.
  7. So I started a new game yesterday, walked around for a bit (maybe 3 minutes), then took a look at my character sheet and was startled. According to "elapsed time" I allready spent about 3 hours in the game. Well, I know that the ingame timescale is usually faster but THAT fast? I wonder if it's a bug and whether I will encounter problems later on in the game like, for example, when upgrading my stronghold. Can someone confirm that this is normal?
  8. I'm not surprised. Despite all that blah 'bout how they care about the gamers wishes - in reality they don't give a f***. Many asked for a walk toggle back when the game was still in development but Sawyer and Co. decided to ignore it. I really don't want to be rude but that's pissing me off. Honestly I so regret that I gave them my money: I can't enjoy the game anyway... For ****'s sake can't you just swallow your snot-nosed attitude and give us what we want? We're not asking you for a super complex and expensive new feature that would take months to make and implement but to do something a decent modder could do within 5 minutes provided he had the tools.
  9. Exactly. It didn't bother me in BG or Planescape because the characters seemed to walk normaly as default animation. And btw: The legendary Diablo 2 had this option. It was even part of the game mechanics due to the fact that running depleted stamina. Though I wouldn't want this for Pillars since many hated it (not me ) a simple walk switch would be absolutely necessary.
  10. Some people need the option to move like a sane person PERIOD This doesn't even need an explanation imho. But if you must have it, here is mine: Imagine a scenery from a movie where it'd seem extremely awkward if the actors would run around intstead of walking. Imagine a group of adventurers running across the throne room to have their audience with the king or the same group traveling the land and constantly running again. Or the mighty hero, returning to his home city - who instead of majestically walking the promenade and letting the people admire him, runs like a madman and plows through the unsuspecting crowd with his shiny armor... And all that without an obvious reason. The list goes on and on; In most RL Situation people tend to walk and not run. You probably are aware of the saying: The devil is in the details. I can't immerse myself into a fantasy world seeing this. So you see, for some people it is not a minor issue but a immersion/game breaking one. And, after all, it is really not TOO much to ask for, is it? Whether you understand the motives or not, can't you just implement this tiny, little function anyway (there is really not much effort needed) and make a lot of people happy? Instead of saying (figuratively): F* you, I don't share your opinion, nor is this option necessary in terms of gameplay so bare with it's absence or go to hell".
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