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Thanks in advance for your patience with this question. I don't play games very much but bought Pillars Of Eternity because I used to play D&D & it seemed interesting.


I'm having a problem with my ranged characters (blunderbuss-wielding cipher & arquebus-wielding priest). Every time there's a new battle, they're entering it with unloaded weapons. In the middle of combat (after they cast spells), they have to reload before firing. Then they fire, & their weapons are unloaded again. Then combat ends, and I can't figure out how to make them reload during non-combat, so they wind up entering the next battle unloaded again.


How do you reload weapons during non-combat?



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Yeah, the failure to reload outside combat should have been fixed by now (it was reported as such), but if the problem persists even with the latest update then the method above works. As long as your ranged guys are holding their guns when combat ends, they will automatically start reloading. That will give you a way around the problem, just be careful not to give them other orders until they finish reloading since that will cancel the action.

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