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Does it matter which Gods I pray to?

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Can I select only one single God to pray to in Twin Elms or can I select several? I know I want to complete the Dragon quest, which requires me to pray to one of the Gods, but I do not know if that is the God I want to pray to IF I can only select one.


How do I figure which God to pray to anyway? What are the short-term consequences? I do NOT want to know the ending or anything like that!

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Well i was able to pray to 3/4 of the shrines. The wolf one I should have been able to I think because I did his quest, but he never seemed to appreciate it.


I don't know of any consequences, but the end game story sort of has a blurb about each God whether you chose them or not.

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Just listen to the gods make their case on what you should do after you defeat Thaos. If you like what they say then agree and they will give you a spare talent of some inconsequential stat boost. Remember that you can always say "I need time to think" or something to such effect if you are undecided. 


You don't necessarily pray to a single god often but a group of them with the same goal in mind. For instance I was a fan of Magram but had to accept Galwain's blessing because he headed up that triumvirate. 


But know this - if you want a good ending, do not under any circumstances deviate from your promise to the gods you choose when it comes time to make the decision. The consequences are simple not pleasant. 


As for me, I went with Galwain's idea because I thought it would be a better use of such an opportunity. 

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I figured I was near the end after doing the favors for a couple gods, so I figured that was the call to go finish everything else I hadn't done up to that point.


Has anyone prayed to all the gods? I don't care at all for Skaen and won't pray to that one for anything.

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