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Save game data lost / rollback



First of all, I really enjoyed playing Pillars of Eternity and would love to continue playing (also, buying addons if released), but I've encountered a major rollback which I also think may have screwed up some questlines for me, and that really ruins the fun for me.


I only really noticed that something was wrong when an area I had definitely visited and cleared before had a black map and respawned enemies again. Already played for 28 hours or so. First I didn't think too much of it, but when the same thing happened with another already cleared area, and some dialogues seemed odd, like I hadn't talked to that person before when the questlog said I had already completed that quest, I gave up. I haven't touched the game since, because I was too frustrated, also hoping that a patch would somehow fix this, but it still stayed the same.


Today I decided to figure things out a bit and turn to support :)


It seems to me that my game progress was, from some point on, saved only incompletely. Savegame size is hugely different for last working savegame (April 11, about 2500 KB) and next savegame, which is corrupt (April 12, about 500 KB). The most recent (April 17, corrupt, of course) savegame is something inbetween (about 1600 KB).


Things I noticed: last working savegame, areas I already cleared stay cleared, and I also can talk to the steward in Caed Nua for example. In the next, corrupt savegame, there's this "uncleared area" problem and the steward won't talk to me. Stays the same for all the following savegames, so on my most recent (corrupt) savegame, the quest log is reflecting my actual quest progress, but NPCs and area maps are not.


I can't really tell what exactly happened to cause that error, because I spent some time ingame between the working save and the next corrupt save.


Technically, I could go on from the last working savegame and just continue the game from there, checking every new save I make to see if its size increases. But - that would be so frustrating, repeating several hours of gameplay, knowing that the problem may occur again. Is there a way to fix my most recent savegame and make it work again, keeping all the progress? Thanks!


Savegame files:

last working: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3tsdd04rpl3sx4q/124628e96aef4374bdf9880e1283383d%2011564040%20AnslgsCompass.savegame?dl=0

first corrupt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1omxa267rhwngvo/124628e96aef4374bdf9880e1283383d%2011780892%20HallofRevealedMysteries.savegame?dl=0

most recent (corrupt): https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5mvo7i1hq4ssz5/124628e96aef4374bdf9880e1283383d%2013076771%20WoodendPlains.savegame?dl=0


DxDiag: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67t0dbs7dp5itkf/DxDiag.txt?dl=0


Output_Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ru9jpuf9aqnp6m/output_log.txt?dl=0

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:blush: Can anyone help me? Anyone experienced the same bug?

Hi Nhimaeh,

I recently got this bug on a full progression run. Thanks for including your save games and output log. I'll add them to the report.

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Got a bug :cat:?? Help us squish it!

  • In your report Include your *save file* (C:\Users\YourNameHere\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity) and ...
  • PC: *output_log.txt* (In your PillarsOfEternity_Data folder)
  • Mac/Linux: *Player.log* (In your Unity folder)

  • Thank you for your help!

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Is there any news about fixing this issue? Still waiting to continue my journey...


I'm waiting to continue too.

Only 47 hours (it is alot for me) in game keep me from start game at the beginning.

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Hello, all.  This bug is in our system and is being looked at by the programming team.  Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for a fix, but it is marked as high priority as it is breaking progression.  We are working on it the best we can and hope to have a better answer soon.  Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.  Thank you for your ongoing support and patience with this issue.

- Refer to this thread if you are having trouble finding any information I requested http://forums.obsidi...eport-an-issue/

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Thanks a lot for your reply, celliott. It's good to hear something from you devs about this issue, and that this bug is being looked at with high priority. I understand that there cannot always be an ETA. So, I'll be waiting for the fix, looking forward to continue playing. I really enjoyed the game's world and story.

Thanks again!

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Hello everyone, 


This bug is  rare and difficult to reproduce. I was wondering if you guys could give me and hand and try to recall on the exact moment that the bug occurred? 




Yep. It happened to me recently too, so it's apparently still a bug.


So you happen to have a save before it happened and after that you could upload for me so I can take a look and add it to the bug report in our system? An output log would be great too.


Thank you all for your support and patience. 

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