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Hello people.


I would like the community's help on a matter.

I want to pick a class and i just can't decide which.I'm torn between a few because they each have some of my prefered playstyles.


I like to use tactics and outwit my opponents.

I liked the Shadow class from Dragon Age Origins.It has stealth,illusions,bombs and different poisons,basicly loads of fun.

I tend to like summoning classes that are more active.Think WoW's warlock and Titan Quest's Spirit.


I just want a fun,active and skillfull playstyle.So,that being said,i've reduced my classes to the following:


1.Rogue = in this game it feels too passive with no neat tricks and a few active abilities.You position and auto-attack.

2.Chanter = would've liked more dark and gritty summons but it's ok.It feels passive and it takes long to get them out.Most fights are finished by then.

3.Cipher = I play him melee with focus on illusions and deception.Almost no nukes.But it feels like i'm on the cipher band wagon with everybody and their grandma already there.



Please help this poor wretched soul finally pick a class and finish the game(rerolled like 10-15 times)...



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You listed the 3 I was going to suggest. I'll just give you a recommendation based on my limited play.




Sure, a lot of players roll that class but this isn't an MMORPG so I think you'll be okay when "LFG Candyland Dungeon, must be max level with the best equipment". 


I also play a more melee cipher and I play him more like a spell-casting rogue. For equipment, I use 2 stilletos for the DR bypass and a blunderbuss as a back up and ranged damage (not to mention the focus gain). Currently, my mechanics is up to 6 meaning I have no problem disabling traps and setting them (and also spotting hidden items). 


For playstyle, I typically use my cipher to scout and lay traps before fighting. During the fight, I open with CC spells (I'm looking at you mental binding) and some offensive ones to hit multiple targets (mind blades). Once my focus is out, I either use my ranged weapon, or I flank targets with my blades (draining whip and biting whip help with generating focus fast while dealing damage). 


Unfortunately the only "summon" I have is my pet Wurm. He's quite a trip.


Hope this helps. I'm sure others will weigh in. Class selection is the bane of my existence too.

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The game isn't the hardest, as I'm sure the thousand or so threads calling it easy may show, so don't let the idea that your hero is sub optimum cause you to reroll or restart. My hero is utter crap stats wise but I've managed to muddle through on hard with the campaign NPCs.

Cipher is probably closest to what you want. Though they are also notoriously OP. Their spells are as strong as a wizard, they don't need to worry about resting or spell limits and they are much more viable for melee builds.

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Just finish the game there is always other playthroughs, followers will introduce you to many classes.


To me it sounds like you are looking for a druid, followed by wizard, aggressive versatile classes to who party turns to when there is trouble, rogue is a brute and chanter is slow, in lower difficulties won't get the chance to cast, he surely does on potd. Cipher could be right, fighter mage that is mostly a controller.

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Out of the two you listed I would go with either a Rogue or a Cipher. They are both are more interactive compared to other classes, and both are very strong.

The Rogue has several abilities not only to get in position and then do damage, but to disengage or control the opponent they are fighting. If you don't want to bother with any finger-waggling, go with the rogue. There isn't a Rogue NPC past the tutorial, so unless you were going to hire an adventurer, you can fill a unique spot in a story party with this character.

The Cipher is just a fun class to play, don't worry about any 'bandwagon'. It's basically the gish/fighter-mage of the game, and that class combination has always been super popular. My favorite character is a Hearth Orlan Cipher with a pike and a firearm of some type to fall-back on. Amazing control of the flow of fights, interactive class, great damage potential and has tools for any situation. 

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First, your "character" in this game is really your 6-man party. The protagonist you choose is only 1/6 of your party. In combat everyone is equally important and you control them all equally. I would put a little more focus into what your party composition will be. For instance, lets say you choose Cipher for the protagonist. Well, you could make the rest of your party all melee, or all ranged, or balanced, or all druids, or three barbarians and two wizards, etc. etc. All of these parties will play totally differently from one another even though your protagonist is the same. On the other hand, just varying your protagonist while keeping the same 5 npc party members will lead to very similar experiences.


But to answer your question, Wizard, Druid, and Priest have the most spells and are all very active, though Wizard and Priest more than the Druid in the early game because your druid will be in animal form auto-attacking people a lot. I'd say Wizard is the hardest to play because he is the least durable. But as long as you have a wizard in your party you will get to experience that.

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Cipher, although you'll likely find you default to only a couple or three spells that you end up using 90% of the time. As noted, you'll get companions to add to the party so you'll get a taste of other classes as well (unless you plan to solo), so no need to fret too much about your main's class.

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Thanks guys for the input.

I do prefer hybrid classes,something along the line of dex/int(shadowwalker,shadow,arcane assassin w/e) and dex/might(blademaster,weaponmaster).Never int/might.


So i rulled out Chanter,just nop,but i added Barbarian in the mix(something about that Wild Sprint in the face of a caster just seems so satisfying,and he's not exactly a stupid brute type of play,i know because i tried and i died :) )

I also agree with 'jeffrobot' in that party composition matters a lot also(like Wasteland 2).

If you guys have any more input on this i am more then thankfull.

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Just echoing the other advice to plan your main character in synergy with the rest of the party. With that in mind, you might enjoy playing a Rogue.


I'm having a lot of fun with mine, especially in the later game with speed and disengagement gear to move around and help control the fight. I have more than enough spells available from the rest of the party, so I don't miss having just a few abilities to fire off during combat. You can do creature summons after finding a figurine or two, and use spell scrolls with high enough Lore if you want to mix in a little magic. But that's probably a waste of time for a Rogue, when you could be moving and stabbing.


Ciphers are fun too. I'm enjoying what Grieving Mother does in the party, although she's a little too good, even when used as a melee off-tank in the party. It's certainly a good candidate if you want a 50/50 mix of melee and casting in one main character, 


P.S. I have no experience with Barbarian or Monk, so take all this with a grain of salt.




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