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  1. Your reasoning is flawed. Einstein was able to come up with Special Relativity, Bolt was able to run 100m in 9.58 seconds, Hannibal the Great was able to create the single biggest empire the world has ever seen, all in one lifetime.. just because something can be done by someone, doesn't mean it's easy. It just means that it can be done. If 99.99% of the population weren't able to do what an individual does, or only by a coordinated group effort, no one in their right mind would say that the exercise at hand would then logically have to be regarded as being easy. Difficulty is not a qualit
  2. First, your "character" in this game is really your 6-man party. The protagonist you choose is only 1/6 of your party. In combat everyone is equally important and you control them all equally. I would put a little more focus into what your party composition will be. For instance, lets say you choose Cipher for the protagonist. Well, you could make the rest of your party all melee, or all ranged, or balanced, or all druids, or three barbarians and two wizards, etc. etc. All of these parties will play totally differently from one another even though your protagonist is the same. On the other han
  3. I LOVE this idea. Would be very cool to be able to watch our battles.
  4. Thanks guys. Sadly, the next day, Guinness, Gelfarin, and Aloth were all slain by a pack of wolves. There was some miscommunication and Aloth was out of position.
  5. "maybe the AI should utilize spells like sleep/paralize etc to incapacitate tanks and then move on to target your ranged companions, forcing u to retreat or react or whatever..." There's also the Will-O-Wisps that charm your tank and then attack your backline.
  6. I love when people journal their adventures in RPGs, so I gave it a try myself. This game is on Path of the Damned and Trial of Iron. Not Expert, but I do have AoE highlighting turned off. No spoilers except for meeting your first companion and one of the fights in the very first area after the prologue. My name is Aloth and this is a journal I’m keeping of my adventures in Aedyr. I came to the town of Gilded Vale seeking the homesteading opportunity offered by the locale lord, Lord Raedrich. He promised land and a new life to anyone that came to his town. When I got here, I found a tree ha
  7. I don't buy a lot of games on release these days. Probably the last one I bought was Wolfenstein: The New Order. I don't remember seeing any bugs in that game. I bought Divinity: Original Sin a month or two after release, and while there were some annoying exploits, I can't say I noticed any bugs. This game, on the other hand, has several bugs that affect me constantly. I'm on a mac so I can't see any capes. When I open a wizard's grimoire their portrait doesn't show up in the top left corner so if I have more than one wizard (I had a party of 6 wizards at one point) and I'm flipping between g
  8. I will add a little more info about this. Basically, I start a game on Path of the Damned/Trial of Iron. I'm working my way through the prologue. At some point, I will notice I'm killing things very easily or there aren't as many enemies as there should be. So I check the difficulty setting and it will say Path of the Damned. But if I save and quit, then reload the game, when I check the difficulty again it says easy. I played the game for about four hours last night and I was constantly going between windowed and full-screen. I restarted the game a couple times and at least half the times
  9. I'm on a 2014 Macbook Pro. This has started happening to me constantly. Around the same time this began happening, I started using CMD+F to go into windowed mode, because I can't alt-tab out of the game. This bug could be related to entering windowed mode.
  10. Whoops, this is not a bug! I just had to go to the next page on his grimoire! The spells are there. It's a bummer I didn't get to choose his 2nd level spells though.
  11. When I first met Aloth, I declined to take him. I went into the Inn and hit level 3 off the combined XP of killing a lot of mobs in the forest area after the prologue, and completing the bandit-cook quest with Tinfirth. I hire a level 1 rogue mercenary. Now level 3, I go outside and get Aloth. He joins my party. He is level 3. But he has no second-level spells. He has the second-level icon on his toolbar but it's grayed out, and he has 4 casts of his first-level spells. His grimoire contains no second-level spells. On his character sheet he is level 3. Strangely enough, his character sheet lis
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