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Caster accuracy (Cipher/Chanter average; All others very low)

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Something that really bothered me in D&D (especially DDO; terrible scaling there) was how frequently spells are resisted. So I'm looking at the accuracy of the spellcasters. Of course, what's not as easy to compare are the accuracy bonuses in each individual spell. A "very low" base accuracy could well be made up for there.


Is it much of a concern in PoE?


I'm not sure I'd call the Chanter a caster, anyway. From the sounds of things using your invocations is a rare occurence, and the best ones don't target your enemies.

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Those are mostly to create niches. 

Aside from certain class-specific talents and spells, spellcasters will have "Very High" equivalent accuracy most of the time when using their spells rather than using weapons. This is to diversify classes and niches for certain builds.

Hilariously, 6 chanters all using "Come, Come, Soft Winds of Death" at the same time within range of the clump of enemies will actually shred them pretty fast, not to mention 6-18 summons 18 seconds later. It's actually pretty funny to watch. CCSWOD has pretty low range though, so I usually have each chanter cast some other kind of buff or debuff first and then do CCSWOD for their second and third chants just to get all the enemies clumped properly. 

The biggest enemy of parties like this is pathing, although if you throw up 12 skeletons and 2 Phantoms and send them around to engage mobs and keep combat running, I'd hardly say that matters in the long run.

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I hardly ever miss with spells. Spells get +10 accuracy on top of your base. For example a wizard's spell accuracy (base 20 + 10 for spells + 3/level) is pretty much the same as lets say a fighter's weapon accuracy (base 30 + 3 per/level). Everyone gets 3 accuracy per level, so there is nothing to worry about. Compared to DnD this is miles better than melee/ranged touch spells with a low BAB. I always hated those.

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