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there's another way to get the ability with your walker.

there's a ring called "Orlan's Bramble" which gives you the arcane dampening ability.  also +1 intellect.

using it on my paladin as I write this.

I can't recall where I found it unfortunately, but it was either a find or a reward, and i *think* I recall finding it during the time I was doing the 3 missions after you find the leaden key.  either the tower or the sanitarium.

on the down side, it's a per-rest ability only, instead of per encounter, but at least you can use it.

also, if you don't care about achievements, or are using the IEmod, you can just give your paladin the deprive talent using the console.  for balance sake, you can remove whatever talent you chose instead.


I looked at all the wikis, but cannot find an entry for the Orlan's Bramble Ring, so cannot confirm where it is found.

if anyone recalls exactly where they found it, post it on the wiki or here somewhere?

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