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So... during your investigations, you learn that the leadbellies, lead hand, illuminati, whatever... have used their soul jumper to sabotage his experiments.

but, after learning all of that, and having it be an entire exposition by the soul jumper, there is NO option at all to tell Azo what you learned; no way to tell him he might have been on to something, but for the interference of this group of anti-animancers.

it's sad, really.

why not add an option to the dialogue you have with Azo, where you CAN tell him about the sabotage?  convince him to start again, but use saner methods?

nope, all you can do is either leave him to his mistakes or kill him.

it seems rather bluntly inane to me.


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I thought the same thing. I would have at least have liked to hear Azo's response upon learning the truth of what was going on. It really put me in a moral dilemma (something I love about these type of games!)  Should I overlook the fact that Azo experimented on patient's against their will (You learn some pretty horrifying details looking into Gram's soul, yes I know they volunteered initially) on the chance that he may discover the cure to the Legacy,  or should I bring his experiments to an end by telling the Warden? On one hand you are sure of his wrongdoing and that he can be made to answer for that and on another you may be thinking about the "greater good" but would wonder about if the means ever truly justified the end. There very well may have been another solution to the Legacy altogether! (I haven't completed the game yet)  

I agree, I would have liked to see his response to this reveal but I am not sure if it would have made much of a difference. He was arrogant and had no problem about subverting the system and deceiving his superiors. He quite easily justified horrible acts to himself. I think he would have become even bolder in his actions, which is why I ended up telling the Warden that Azo's experiments would eventually cause another scandal. 


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*Some Azo quest spoilers*


You do find out that the point of the soul jumper was to discredit animancy in the city and get them up in arms about it.  Honestly after reading through the story and notes carefully I don't think Azo was on to anything.  The sould jumper modified his notes tampered with equipment and basically lead him down the path he wanted to make Azo think he was making progress.  All to get that little girl to kill herself infront of the crowd.  The fact that Azo took people against their will threw them in a dungeon and did horrific things to them is beyond messed up.  So did Azo make some progress? Maybe but all of his notes and equipment are messed up he would have to start over from scratch and did Azo strike you as the guy to do that?  I mean he kept doing experiments after his extreem failure and forced people to participate against their will.  I didn't get a warm fuzzy vibe from the guy and if you told him someone screwed with his notes and machines do you think he would start over in a new kinder, gentler, human experimentations do you?  I told him I was going to tell on him and he tried to kill me.  That doesn't scream great guy on the edge of discovery to me.

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I agree, the fact that you can't tell him straight away about the Leaden Key soul jumper is really not cool, it ruins this quest in a way. Anyway, my excuse for killing him is, he is guilty of not noticing being misled for so long, in his research, by the soul jumper. That and all the rest of his crimes against humanity, so, more loot for me,I mean... justice was served. :D

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