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[Bug] Ferry Flotsam - Peregund Negative Reputation



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I actually find this confusing - Peregrund is from Defiance Bay and seem like she should have more impact on reputation "brave dashing man saved my cargo" than a few dead peasants ruffians that nobody will ever miss.  As a minor aside, I think it'd be nice to be able to offer the thieves work at Odd Nua - you pay them 150 coppers a month and your improvement build times go down by 15% or something.

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Same here.


They are looters. My main character currently is a Kind Wayfarer Paladin and thinks they are stealing ... there is no way to continue at that point, because it's them who attack me first.


The party reputation shift for Defiance Bay is not for the kills but for returning the cargo to Peregrund. As the screenshots show.


This could be improved.


It has come up before: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72610-quest-ferry-flotsam-reputation-error/?view=findpost&p=1682840&hl=peregrund

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