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Solo triple crown, complete.

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Obsidian, I am your biggest fan <3 I hope the DLC is just as good, I'll now be doing a 6 priest playthrough next. 


Also, your rest less than 10 times achievement is bugged, I did not get it on this playthrough <3


Edit: I just saw the irony that I posted this directly above the 'hard mode is too easy' topic.


Edit 2: Oh and for the point of the post, I just wanted to thank Obsidian for making the game. Thanks a lot guys, again, can't wait for DLC! I'll buckle down and try to complete that solo path of the... no wait, I'm never doing any of this again... it's hard...

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Hey congrats! Care to write up a little guide?

Yep but I'm not even the first person to complete it, I asked on reddit forums if anyone else had done it and immediately got a reply of an image showing someone else doing it before me.


The guide :


Mozarella-Be a rogue

Cheddar-Shadowing Beyond(It lets you drop combat) and backstab

Swiss-Abuse enemy AI pathing

Munster- Traps

American-  The movespeed utility talent and shot on the run

Parmesian- PLAY TWO GAMES AT ONCE, one on easy with a full party using the same character stats, you can double check what will work and what won't, the FORCED battles are EXACTLY the same numbers just different stats so you can see where you can trap first and stuff.


Edit- I think this would be impossible withtout the enemy AI pathing being awful. http://i.imgur.com/KmUbCz4.png I loaded up my save to give oyu this gem on exactly how badly you can abuse them, I ran this guy around the pillar till he got stuck.

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Many people will be able to do Triple Crown with IE mod because you can use cheats and re-enable the achievements. LOLachivments

I thought IE mod was just UI changes. Can you link so I see what else it does? :)

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