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  1. Sure. So, with the Kickstarter we announced that we were going to do an expansion, and so how we're approaching that is to actually do the expansion in two parts, and have one part out sooner than the other part. The idea being that people are really enjoying Pillars right now and they're going to get finished their first or second playthrough within in the next two weeks, a month, something like that. And so, we definitely want there to be content for them to enjoy and I think we're going to be talking about that pretty soon. I don't think we've released anything specifically, but it really ends up being this concept of this story that expands parts of what you would see in those sort of old school expansions we made for Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. So not just these three, four hour downloadable DLCs, but definitely big chunks of a story and a new hub to go to and things like that. So that's kind of how we're really approaching it, like we've done with Eternity throughout is this idea of, these games kind of went away but not for a reason they should have. The industry shifted to so much console with this idea that PC wasn't so much of a gaming platform, which I know no one thinks that anymore. So, back then when you got an expansion you got this meaty thing with hours and hours of gameplay. And that's really what we're trying to do. So, while we're splitting it in two, it is like one continual story that people get to play. FANTASTIC news!
  2. I've seen a recent online article which suggests the Eternity expansion will be out the latter half of this year. We can only hope? Are the devs taking a holiday or getting straight back into it?
  3. After the Godhammer incident Eothas was understandably more cautious. A subtle vessel was needed. His soul had already been fragmented into pieces, he couldn't risk a repeat of what happened on the bridge. One of his soul fragments entered you. And merged with your soul. This is why you are referred to as the 'Ancient One'. This is why you were destined to fight Thaos and Woedica.
  4. Eothas imprinted part of his soul in you when you "survived" the biawac. Thaos had entered the ruins nearby and Eothas saw a chance to act. That was his soulstorm. You were found to be an appropriate vessel. From then on you were acting as his agent to avenge him, and right the atrocity that was falsely called "Waidwen's Legacy" and unfairly blamed on him. Eothas was about renewal and rebirth, he didn't want his name associated with the horrors of the hollowborn. You corrected this, and at the end of the game released the trapped souls back onto the Wheel for their rebirth.
  5. The Godhammer did not destroy the God of Redemption and Rebirth, he was merely returned to the Wheel, and you are the end result. Hence the Watcher powers. Surviving the biawac. It all fits. Think about it. Discuss.
  6. No mention of additional funding stretch goals. Would I be correct to assume they are off the table now?
  7. No thanks. I dislike pre-order exclusive DLC. The BG2 merchants you mentioned before were available to everyone when it was released via the internet. It wasn't hard to find them. And eventually included in a patch by Bioware. Needs to be something else imo. Very reasonable and I think I agree with you. But I can't think of anything else to drive the stretch goals. Second expansion pack pledge? Perhaps it's best we don't have these stretch goals at all - I don't see how we can hit the targets.
  8. On the subject of encouraging higher pledges if these stretch goals do in fact go ahead, would anyone be opposed to the following hypothetical 'reward'? Just throwing out ideas here. Reward: Animat Guardian - Animats are animated by the souls of ancient warriors that are extracted, purified, and bound into armor. This construct occupied the ruins of your stronghold before you took possession, and still remains to ward off those it perceives as a threat to its home. [increases Stronghold Security, Lowers Stronghold Prestige] Requirement: Have a total combined pledge of $75 or more. Too much?
  9. I've been wondering about this too. How do you get people who have already pledged money to pledge even more money? Perhaps rewards as you've said. There's got to be an incentive for backers to pledge more money otherwise everybody will just sit back and hope someone else donates the money. Hi Hiro Perhaps Obsidian can offer something that doesn't really upset the balance in the form of "bonus merchants". I'm unsure if you are familiar with Baldur's Gate 2 - but if you are - you'll recall Bioware provided two bonus NPCs (Deidre and Joluv) with some flavour items for sale (e.g. Dak'kon's Zerth Blade, Sling of Everard) in the Adventurer's Mart & Copper Coronet. If they offered a couple of bonus merchants who would appear in your Stronghold (not connected to plot or anything) for $10, I think that would make people feel a bit better pouring additional money into the project. Let's see what happens. I do believe the key to hitting the stretch goals is to offer pledge incentives that don't impact on the plot - and minor Stronghold perks seems like the ideal way to handle this without breaking the game. Just my $0.02
  10. Voted yes because more content is always welcome. This begs the question: how do Obsidian intend to raise funds to hit these new wilderness and companion stretch goals? If you look at other extremely well-funded kickstarter campaigns (a certain space sim comes to mind...) the reason they attracted so many pledges was through a heavily incentivised reward system (i.e. pay more money to get a better starting ship). So conceivably Obsidian could increase pledges by offering further exclusive in-game items or bonuses along the lines of Neverwinter Nights 2 pre-order bonuses. e.g. A feat like "Blessed of Waukeen" which generates +1 bonus to all saving throws Some sort of cosmetic effect that applies to a single weapon or piece of armor. If not, I don't see how we will hit new targets considering everyone has already backed the game at the lowest price point.
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