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I think that Pillars of Eternity is one of the best games i've played in years, and i'd like to praise Obsidian for making such a game come to life. Only thing that bothers me in these kind of games is the realism of gameplay. For example, what i've noticed in Pillars of Eternity is that you have an unlimited stash. I suggest a backpack with a limited amount of space so you must think what you will put in and what you'll leave behind, which may be useful when you visit the location once again in you're later travels. I was always picky with what i keep in my inventory, not just hoarding stuff like a pig and always be cushioned with lots of money and items. I wan't to think when i'm adventuring, weigh in on my options, if i take this, will i be able to make that and so on. 

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The way they handled the stash is not the greatest, and turning off access outside of towns/stronghold really doesn't fix things, as you can still put stuff in anywhere, and it still feels like it's not a physical storage container but rather some dimensional rift or something.  Combined with the bottomless pockets of vendors, and their indiscriminate willingness to buy anything, it definitely makes the economic side of things too easy.  A mod that makes both more "realistic", where you have to place things in a chest in your stronghold, would be welcome in my opinion.  No more vacuuming up every last item up and turning them into coppers later... 

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