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Best godlike for Cipher?

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I decide I want to play as a Cipher and a Godlike but which of the four godlike is best for playing a Cipher?


I can see how the death,fire, and moon powers could all be useful


Nature seem kinda meh


Also how detrimental is it not to be able to wear hats? and can you "gimp" a character or is it relatively forgiving with how you build your character?



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I've only used a Moon Godlike so far, but honestly, I would only choose that for a tank (and I wouldn't try to make a Cipher tank).

Race doesn't make a huge difference one way or the other.  Probably Death is the best of them for a Cipher, but not as good as a wood elf.


Helms are mostly just cosmetic.  You can't enchant them and they don't contribute any defense.  I've found two so far in the game that have any bonuses at all, and one was at a merchant and I didn't think it was worth buying.

So don't think of it as "I'm giving up a helm" but "I'm giving up being some other race where the bonus might be more useful."


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i dont think goodlike is good for cypher. wood elf or amauma is better  (unless you want to be melee, then you can go with the fire one .. xD)


If you "have" to be goodlike, the only one that makes sense is the dead one. at least it gives you something thats not ... if someone hit you and you dont die, you will be buffed for half second until you die.


Couse if you are builded for ranged, you will die xD

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Moon Godlike is probably one of the two best subraces in the game, the other being Hearth Orlan.


Yes I've tried Moon Godlike on a Cipher and yes the endurance recovery can still be a lifesaver, though again yes it would be superior on a Paladin or Fighter for obvious reasons.

"The Courier was the worst of all of them. The worst by far. When he died the first time, he must have met the devil, and then killed him."



Is your mom hot? It may explain why guys were following her ?

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I mean I'd think that a death godlike ranged cipher would be the best cipher build, dump con and just don't get hit, then the +1 intellect will be baller.  Moon godlike is good but like Cipher is squishy.  "Just don't get hit" is the name of the game.  

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Death is the obvious choice. All the others require getting hit, which should be avoided as much as possible on a Cipher. And they won't save you either.


Wood Elf is the objectively best Cipher race though. +5 Accuracy basically all the time unless you get totally mobbed into a melee cluster, and it affects your powers.

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